I made an answer here:


And the spoiler tags do not seem to work on the paragraph that contains the Hebrew text. I have tried changing the formatting and moving the paragraphs but nothing seems to work. Is this a bug in SE?

EDIT: I was able to get the whole answer enclosed in spoiler tags, but I can't seem to get the formatting right. (There are no line breaks.) I must have something wrong in the Markdown?


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I fixed it for you by adding <P> tags.


I'm not sure what revision(s) of the answer you're talking about, so I may be off the mark. You cannot have multiple consecutive paragraphs in spoiler markup. (You can have line breaks inside a spoiler paragraph, however.)

This is by design: if you have a large, multi-paragraph block of spoiler text, you're hiding too much. You should only hide actual spoilers, not your whole answer. I can't find an officially report on that, only a statement that “it's not fully classified a bug as much” and “That's somewhere between a bug and a feature request then. It's kind of by design, but more of the "because that's how it works" variety.” in one of the several times similar issues have been reported.

There is a workaround, which is to use <p> tags for a paragraph break. This works by happenstance, not by design; I wouldn't recommend relying on it.


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