I can't find a way to show multiple paragraphs in a spoiler tag. I had to resort to including superfluous headings between the paragraphs (or rather between the text and image, which I did not want to show the images on the same line as the text). Horizontal lines also work, but I would like to include a paragraph break within the spoiler itself.

If I do this, it doesn't show multiple paragraphs. second paragraph

! If I do this, it breaks the spoiler code entirely.

! second paragraph

To compare:

This is how you do it with quotes. Analogous to the second example above.

First example:
>! a
>! b

Second example:
>! a

>! b

Alternately, is there a way to force an image to display on its own line? This was the reason I attempted to use a paragraph break in the first place.


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