Lord of the Rings joke/pun/wordplay:

Where does Théoden, King of Rohan, shop for clothes?

Hints and clarification:

  1. King Théoden lives in Rohan

  2. You've probably heard of this well-known clothing store. It's an American multinational clothing and accessories retailer.

  3. The name of the store that you've probably heard of is where the wordplay comes in, since that store's name is mentioned in the Lord of the Rings books with respect to the King and where he lives.

So that's the question. It was initially put on hold as off-topic, but I have edited it since then. This question is a joke/riddle/wordplay puzzle thingy so I think it should be on-topic. Is this on topic? if not, then why?

A main concern of mine is that people might think it's off-topic just because they don't know the answer. In case that affects the situation in any way, I will explain the answer below. Obviously, don't look at the answer if you're still trying to solve it. :)

Answer explanation below [SPOILERS]:

A: "The Gap of Rohan" - The Gap is an American multinational clothing and accessories retailer. The Gap of Rohan is a location in the Lord of the Rings near/around Rohan, where the King lives.


It's not on topic simply because it's not a puzzle. Puns with the punchline removed are not puzzles; they require no actual thought, just Googling lists of vaguely relevant things.


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