Puzzling.SE is currently holding a moderator election.  During the nomination phase, members were able to post comments on nominations, like this:

nominations page

If you go to the user profile page of somebody who posted such comment(s), you will see the comments and the date they were posted (and the time, if you hover over the date):

user profile page

However, it doesn’t show where the comment was posted.  Note, in the image above, that the top three comments are on nominations.  The green boxes indicate the (blank) places where the location of the comment should be displayed.  (The blue oval shows that comments on regular posts are linked to the posts where they appear.)

Comments on nominations should

  • at the very least, state that they are comments on nominations,
  • link to the comment (like this), or at least to the election (nomination) page,
  • ideally, state whose nomination they are posted to.


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