The consensus at Should we burninate [word-problem]? has been strongly (+13/-0) in favour of burninating the tag. Great news, I say ... but there's still the problem of what to do with all the questions which currently bear this tag. A Stack Exchange employee can easily burninate the tag (as previously happened with ), removing it from all questions automatically and retagging all questions tagged only with the placeholder tag , but that will make it impossible to search for all the questions which had the tag. This is the last time we'll ever be able to get all those questions in one place, so let's tidy them up while we can!

The latter isn't going to be much of a problem: once the burnination has happened, we can easily find a list of all the questions and retag them properly. What could be a problem is the questions which are currently tagged with both and other, inappropriate, tags.

The purpose of this meta post is to establish a list of all questions which satisfy the following criteria:

I.e. never mind about the questions which will become , or about those which are tagged even though they're not about "A mathematical puzzle that's stated in words, usually in terms of a story or a situation that dresses the problem up", provided the other tags are sensible.

I'm going to post a community-wiki answer to this question to start off the list. Let's go through the list of all 160-odd [word-problem] questions starting from the oldest and working forwards. Everyone, please feel free to chip in, either adding to the list or crossing off questions from it as you go and fix them. But please don't get too carried away with retagging dozens of questions at once, because unfortunately there's no way of doing so without bumping all those questions to the front page.


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For some reason I previously started going through the list from the lowest-voted questions instead of the oldest, so the list below isn't in age order. Nonetheless, these are the questions I've found so far which need retagging pre-burnination:

I had been through all the questions which (on 18 Sep) had a score of 7 or less.

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