One thing I've been hard-pressed to find online is a collection of puzzles or riddles that can be easily presented on a chalkboard, blackboard, whiteboard, etc such as in a classroom or office. Essentially, these would be puzzles that can be presented and solved using a simple drawing or writing space and wouldn't take an impractically long time to write out whole paragraphs for the question.

Since the goal of puzzling stackexchange is to be a high-quality source for puzzles on the internet, it makes sense that we would want to provide a way for people to look up these types of puzzles. I've seen that we already have the blackboard and matches tags, which would be a subset of what I'm thinking of. Geometry-based ones like this dots puzzle would also work. Many of the questions in the letter-sequence tag would fit, but ones like this one would obviously not fit on a normal whiteboard.

So my questions are:

  1. Does a tag like this already exist?
  2. If not, would our site benefit from such a tag?
  3. If so, what would we call it? A name like [whiteboard] would probably cause too much confusion.

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I don't think this would count as a complete answer, but here's my shot.

  1. Does a tag like this already exist?

No, I don't think so. You mention : nonetheless, all the questions tagged like this are also tagged . If I understood correctly, you're looking for puzzles which are also not mathematical.

  1. If not, would our site benefit from such a tag?

I don't think so. The problem is that I can see many, many puzzles (and tags) fit the description you gave:

The problem is that if you want to create this tag, say, , I think this will be categorised as a meta-tag:

Meta-tags are actually a subset of a larger problem that I usually call dependent tags. These are tags that don't say anything by themselves - you can't tell what the question is about unless they're paired with some other tag (or several of them). These tags are a problem because people don't realize this and will often use that as the question's only tag.

Although your idea of creating a "bank of puzzles which can be presented on a whiteboard" is good, in my opinion, we should not create a tag like this. I don't really have an alternative to offer unfortunately, the only one I can think of right now is for the users to look around on PSE :-).


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