Alconja's answer here in the Puzzling Design Pitch post mentions realignment of the Puzzling logo at the top of the site, moving it as shown in the below gif (credits to them):


This is what it looks like now (it is implemented):

Nice alignment

Now, move over to any Puzzling chatroom, say, The Sphinx's Lair. Look at the logo in the bottom-right (only for non-mobile users, unfortunately):

Bad alignment

Or, you could look at the one-boxed post puzzling.stackexchange.com, anywhere on the chat network:

Bad alignment again

Whoops! The logo and the text are jammed up next to each other and have different centre lines, as Alconja mentioned in their post.

It may be my OCD firing, but:

Can we please bring the chatroom logo and text into alignment* with the main site?

* Pun intended


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