This is the first installment of the Fortnightly Topic Challenges Rerun described here and the thirty-fifth installment of the FTCs overall, with topics suggested and voted on here. This fortnight's topic is "Restricted Title" (suggested by Sp3000) and will span from the 28th of May to the 10th of June. During this period, we will compile the list of questions with a relevant title and post it as an answer to this question.

In the meantime, please go and propose and vote on future challenges!

Everyone have fun, and happy puzzling!

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The Restricted Title topic challenge does not have a specific tag associated; instead titles must be selected from a filtered list. Due to the nature of this challenge, please add your own questions to the list below. In this challenge, the possible titles are derived from the first 1000 xkcd comic titles. The original suggestion is copied to this post for posterity.

Restricted Title

Usually the title is decided upon later in the puzzle creation process, chosen to be fitting and often to provide a hint/reference. Here we're going to go the other way.

Below is a list of the titles for the first 1000 xkcd comics, filtered down to only those titles which are family-friendly and would be valid for posting as a Stack Exchange question title (≥ 15 characters). Pick any of the 297 remaining titles and use it as-is (preserving case, part numbers, parenthesised words, etc.) — this will be the title of your new puzzle.

The title should make sense given the puzzle, whether that be through the puzzle's presentation, mechanics or answer. The more fitting, the better!

Don't be discouraged if you see that someone else has posted a puzzle with a title you had intended to use. If anything, it can be interesting to see what different approaches people take for the same title, should there be any collisions!

The list:

Barrel - Part 1
Petit Trees (sketch)
Island (sketch)
Landscape (sketch)
Girl sleeping (Sketch -- 11th grade Spanish class)
Serenity is coming out tomorrow
Barrel - Part 2
Just Alerting You
Monty Python -- Enough
Barrel - Part 3
Godel, Escher, Kurt Halsey
Barrel - Part 4
Barrel - Part 5
Counter-Red Spiders
Why Do You Love Me?
Valentine - Karnaugh
Valentine - Heart
Abusive Astronomy
Bored with the Internet
Iambic Pentameter
Attention, shopper
National Language
Digital Rights Management
Escher Bracelet
Gravitational Mass
Profile Creation Flowchart
Back to the Future
Moral Relativity
Parallel Universe
Wright Brothers
Snakes on a Plane! 2
M.C. Hammer Slide
Firefox and Witchcraft - The Connection?
Baring My Heart
Computational Linguists
Worst Band Name Ever
Centrifugal Force
Marketing Interview
Red Spiders Cometh
The Fast and the Furious
Content Protection
Music Knowledge
I Have Owned Two Electric Skateboards
Parody Week: Achewood
Parody Week: Megatokyo
Parody Week: TFD and Natalie Dee
Parody Week: A Softer World
Parody Week: Dinosaur Comics
A Way So Familiar
Penny Arcade Parody
Angular Momentum
Playing Devil's Advocate to Win
Reverse Euphemisms
Words that End in GRY
Skateboarding is Not a Crime
That's What SHE Said
Automatic Doors
Not Really Into Pokemon
e to the pi times i
Snacktime Rules
Matrix Transform
Working for Google
The Perfect Sound
Map of the Internet
Command Line Fu
Right-Hand Rule
Candy Button Paper
What xkcd Means
Regular Expressions
Hamster Ball Heist
Ghostbusters Marathon
The Problem with Wikipedia
Romantic Drama Equation
e to the pi Minus pi
Nintendo Surgeon
Valentine's Day
Chess Enlightenment
A New CAPTCHA Approach
Collecting Double-Takes
Keyboards are Disgusting
Appropriate Term
Tabletop Roleplaying
Labyrinth Puzzle
Factoring the Time
Highway Engineer Pranks
Online Communities
Conspiracy Theories
Clichéd Exchanges
The Glass Necklace
Regarding Mussolini
Choices: Part 1
Choices: Part 2
Choices: Part 3
Choices: Part 4
Choices: Part 5
Linux User at Best Buy
Electromagnetic Spectrum
With Apologies to The Who
Black Hat Support
Online Package Tracking
Wikipedian Protester
Nighttime Stories
Orphaned Projects
Excessive Quotation
Interesting Life
With Apologies to Robert Frost
That Lovin' Feelin'
Engineering Hubris
Effect an Effect
Exploits of a Mom
Getting Out of Hand
Post Office Showdown
Diet Coke+Mentos
Christmas Back Home
Responsible Behavior
Compiler Complaint
The Data So Far
Real Programmers
The Drake Equation
Advanced Technology
Travelling Salesman Problem
Important Life Lesson
Large Hadron Collider
1,000 Miles North
Convincing Pickup Line
Electric Skateboard (Double Comic)
Restraining Order
Zealous Autoconfig
The Man Who Fell Sideways
Stove Ownership
Forks and Spoons
Making Hash Browns
Fortune Cookies
Every Damn Morning
xkcd Goes to the Airport
How it Happened
Internet Argument
xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel
Know Your Vines
Macgyver Gets Lazy
I Am Not Good with Boomerangs
In Popular Culture
Things Fall Apart
Upcoming Hurricanes
Freemanic Paracusia
Voting Machines
Quantum Teleportation
The End is Not for a While
House of Pancakes
Further Boomerang Difficulties
The Staple Madness
Listen to Yourself
Fiction Rule of Thumb
I am Not a Ninja
Steal This Comic
Morning Routine
Secretary: Part 1
Secretary: Part 2
Secretary: Part 3
Secretary: Part 4
Secretary: Part 5
A Bunch of Rocks
Theft of the Magi
Induced Current
Egg Drop Failure
Alternate Currency
No One Must Know
Marshmallow Gun
2008 Christmas Special
I Know You're Listening
Converting to Metric
Sledding Discussion
Contingency Plan
Genetic Algorithms
It Might Be Cool
Space Elevators
Sierpinski Valentine
Neutrality Schmeutrality
Not Enough Work
Alternative Energy Revolution
No Pun Intended
Lithium Batteries
Security Question
Matrix Revisited
Parental Trolling
Tag Combination
The Race: Part 1
The Race: Part 2
The Race: Part 3
The Race: Part 4
The Race: Part 5
Mission to Culture
Designated Drivers
Voynich Manuscript
Android Girlfriend
Android Boyfriend
Qwertial Aphasia
Disaster Voyeurism
Supported Features
Newton and Leibniz
Tech Support Cheat Sheet
Blockbuster Mining
Locke and Demosthenes
So Bad It's Worse
Movie Narrative Charts
Two-Party System
iPhone or Droid
Academia vs. Business
Spinal Tap Amps
Natural Parenting
Researcher Translation
Christmas Plans
Science Montage
Dimensional Analysis
Semicontrolled Demolition
Children's Fantasy
Tensile vs. Shear Strength
You Hang Up First
Science Valentine
Honor Societies
Principle of Explosion
Devotion to Duty
Collatz Conjecture
The Flake Equation
Computer Problems
Circuit Diagram
The Tell-Tale Beat
Geeks and Nerds
Worst-Case Scenario
University Website
Savannah Ancestry
I Don't Want Directions
Conditional Risk
Stephen Hawking
Beautiful Dream
Online Communities 2
Pumpkin Carving
The Economic Argument
Five-Minute Comics: Part 1
Five-Minute Comics: Part 2
Five-Minute Comics: Part 3
Guest Week: Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)
Guest Week: David Troupes (Buttercup Festival)
Guest Week: Bill Amend (FoxTrot)
Guest Week: Jeffrey Rowland (Overcompensating)
Guest Week: Zach Weiner (SMBC)
My Business Idea
Positive Attitude
Arsenic-Based Life
Genetic Analysis
Stingray Nebula
Complex Conjugate
World According to Americans
Consecutive Vowels
Learning to Cook
Trochee Fixation
Major in the Universe
Compass and Straightedge
Server Attention Span
Time Management
Craigslist Apartments
Future Timeline
Null Hypothesis
Teaching Physics
Elevator Inspection
Chain of Command
Darmok and Jalad
Advertising Discovery
Worst-Case Shopping
Magic School Bus
Manual Override
YouTube Parties
Delivery Notification
Strunk and White
Days of the Week
Missed Connections
Password Strength
Depth Perception
Hurricane Names
The Corliss Resolution
The Important Field
Alternative Literature
The General Problem
Occulting Telescope
Map Projections
Wisdom of the Ancients
Space Launch System
Percentage Points
Drinking Fountains
Advent Calendar
Making Things Difficult
  • $\begingroup$ Can we make multiple puzzles for this challenge or are we limited to just one entry? $\endgroup$
    – Nico A
    Commented May 29, 2018 at 21:33
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ @TreFox You can make multiple! (Just make sure you put a fair bit of effort into them.) $\endgroup$
    – Deusovi Mod
    Commented May 29, 2018 at 22:43
  • 7
    $\begingroup$ I'm so happy that xkcd was chosen as the theme of the challenge! Also, somebody should notify Randall Munroe of this happening. $\endgroup$ Commented May 31, 2018 at 10:45

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