On September 1st, I started a proposal on Area 51, for users to share, discuss and answer mathematical challenges that they have. I did this because I felt that these types of problems have no place in any of the current, relevant sites about mathematics/puzzles. If you want to envision the proposed site a little better, this is essentially a Mathematical Puzzling site, where the asker of the question knows the answer to it.

For example, MathOverflow is a site for professionals, Mathematics is a site for users to discuss any genuine problems they have that they couldn't solve, and Puzzling, of course, does not welcome mathematical questions, but only mathematical puzzles, which I think, is entirely appropriate for such a site.

I have made this post in Mathematics Meta a while ago, but I'm putting this in Puzzling Meta as well to target Puzzling users who are into mathematics but are not really active on Mathematics Stack Exchange.

The link to the proposal is here!

We are currently in the Definition phase. To bypass that, we need at least 60 followers and at least 40 questions with a score of at least 10. This must be done in four months, so the deadline is January 1st.

Our current progress is at 67 followers (yay) and only 5 questions with a score of at least 10.

Here are some further stats:

  • we need at least 10 more questions to fulfill the 40 mark

  • we need at least 280 upvotes in total for all of the questions combined - this does not take into account of any downvotes

  • we have only 70 days left (so a minimum of 4 upvotes/day).

70 days might sound a lot, but given the number of votes to be achieved, the target is very tight.

So, if you are interested in this proposal, please vote on the current example questions, and better still, it would be amazing if you could post some more!

  • to do this, you will first need to login to Area 51

  • then click on your profile pic and then click on send email verification

  • after you have verified your email, you will get the 50 rep needed to upvote questions

If you have any questions about this proposal, please take a look at the five discussion questions on Area 51 about the proposed site, from what types of questions are allowed to how we could manage non-original questions.

Updates from Area 51 Discussions:

Thank you!

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    $\begingroup$ The proposal was deleted... $\endgroup$ Commented May 3, 2019 at 21:30

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Seems quite relevant & interesting. For the purpose of reference, kindly state the 'sample discussion questions' here. The proposal is deleted. Also, another reason is : if can read it & could help, then at least can tell to retry.


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