I'm asking about when you get a User was removed message in your reputation tab, accompanied by a -2.

Besides the case where the user upvoted a few and downvoted many posts, is there any other situation where a net loss of two rep results from a user being removed?

Will the two rep gained from accepting an answer be reversed if the answer we accepted was from the now deleted user?

If a user accepted an edit from another user (resulting in the editor gaining two rep), will the rep be reversed when the user who accepted was removed?


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That's likely to be a suggested edit of yours, for which the removed user was the final approver. That is recorded as a vote, and most votes are deleted when a user is deleted, that's why you lose the 2 reputation. If you accept an answer, that's your vote, so it won't be deleted.

You can check which post the affected suggested edit was made on with a trick I described here on Meta Stack Exchange.


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