This question is part of the best-puzzle award series.

What are your nominations for the best puzzles, here on Puzzling.SE, of the first quarter ( January / February / March) 2021?

Suggested guidelines for nomination:

  • Nominate each individual puzzle in a separate answer, so they can be upvoted/downvoted separately.

  • No more than 3 nominations per person.

  • Don't nominate your own puzzles.

  • Before you nominate a puzzle, check to see if someone else has already nominated it. If they have, then add to that nomination as a comment (or edit it) instead of nominating the same puzzle again.

  • In your nomination, explain what it is that (in your opinion) makes the nominated puzzle such a good one.

Some lists to help jog your memory (your nomination doesn't have to be from these lists):

Algorithmically selected "best of":

Best by votes/views:

Meta-meta issues:

Q: Is this kind of thing allowed on SE?
A: Yes, Photography SE and Sci-fi/Fantasy SE do something very similar.

Q: What's the point?
A1: To highlight and encourage good practice in a way that goes beyond upvotes.
A2: To work towards building a 'hall of fame' of some of the best puzzles on the site (perhaps to reside on a future puzzling.SE blog) - think of it as our 'greatest hits album'.
A3: To prompt members to put forward their own reflections on what makes a high-quality puzzle.


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Honeycomb: a hexagonal grid of letters by Seren

This question appeared just after the turn of the year, created by a user brand new to the site. If any 'probably low quality' alarm bells were ringing, they were soon silenced, smashed and thrown into a fire to burn away altogether...

Deusovi's answer revealed this puzzle - presented as a single instruction-less image - to be a thing of true puzzling beauty with an exciting solve path to deduce and follow. If ever somebody asks to be directed to a high-quality, challenging problem to work through, this is the puzzle to which I will direct them.

Creative, succinct, and highly satisfying - this is pretty much the perfect enigmatic puzzle...


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