This is the sixteenth installment of the Monthly Topic Challenges with topics suggested and voted on here. This month's topic is "Restricted Title: xkcd 2000-2500" (suggested by Lukas Rotter) and will span from the 1st of November to the 30th of November. During this period, we will compile the list of relevant questions and post it as an answer to this question.

In the meantime, please go and propose and vote on future challenges!

Everyone have fun, and happy puzzling!

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Restricted Title: xkcd 2000-2500

See this FTC and this MTC for previous xkcd challenges

Usually the title is decided upon later in the puzzle creation process, chosen to be fitting and often to provide a hint/reference. Here we're going to go the other way.

Below is a list of the titles for xkcd comics 2000-2500, filtered down to those titles which are a valid Stack Exchange question title (≥ 15 characters). Pick any of the 282 remaining titles and use it as-is (preserving case, part numbers, parenthesised words, etc.) — this will be the title of your new puzzle.

The title should make sense given the puzzle, whether that be through the puzzle's presentation, mechanics or answer. The more fitting, the better!

Don't be discouraged if you see that someone else has posted a puzzle with a title you had intended to use. If anything, it can be interesting to see what different approaches people take for the same title, should there be any collisions!

The list:

Global Temperature Over My Lifetime
Abandonment Function
Universal Seat Belt
Commonly Mispronounced Equations
Pre-Pandemic Ketchup
Bad Map Projection: The Greenland Special
Board Game Argument: Legacy
Danger Mnemonic
Board Game Party Schedule
Linked List Interview Problem
Indoor Socializing
No, The Other One
Alien Visitors 2
First Time Since Early 2020
Next Slide Please
Astronomy Status Board
Wikipedia Caltrops
In Your Classroom
Dimensional Chess
Muller's Ratchet
90's Kid Space Program
After the Pandemic
Types of Scientific Paper
Virus Consulting
Fully Vaccinated
Aviation Firsts
Post Vaccine Social Scheduling
Hammer Incident
Immune Response
Epistemic Uncertainty
Solar System Cartogram
Post-Vaccine Party
Geothmetic Meandian
Vaccine Guidance
Manage Your Preferences
Post-Pandemic Hat
Exposure Models
Mars Landing Video
Perseverance Microphones
Normal Conversation
Vaccine Ordering
1/1,000th Scale World
Trash Compactor Party
Solar System Compression Artifacts
1/100,000th Scale World
1/10,000th Scale World
Steepen the Curve
Depth and Breadth
Viral Vector Immunity
2020 Election Map
Vaccine Tracker
I Just Don't Trust Them
Wonder Woman 1984
Covid Precaution Level
Contiguous 41 States
Presidential Middle Names
Life Before the Pandemic
Viral Quiz Identity Theft
Set in the Present
Electoral Precedent 2020
Ballot Tracker Tracker
The True Name of the Bear
Election Impact Score Sheet
Probability Comparisons
Election Screen Time
Amelia's Farm Fresh Cookies
Messaging Systems
Parity Conservation
Volcano Dinosaur
Common Star Types
Evidence of Alien Life
Gravitational Wave Pulsars
Polls vs the Street
Constellation Monstrosity
University COVID Model
Stellar Evolution
Hurricane Hunters
Standard Model Changes
Rabbit Introduction
COVID Risk Comfort Zone
Wish on a Shooting Star
26-Second Pulse
Mathematical Symbol Fight
Exposure Notification
Scientist Tech Help
Cosmologist Genres
Pods vs Bubbles
Asterisk Corrections
Campfire Habitable Zone
COVID Risk Chart
Acceptable Risk
Universal Rating Scale
Space Basketball
Oily House Index
Five Word Jargon
Endorheic Basin
ISO Paper Size Golden Spiral
Low-Background Metal
Millennium Problems
Large Number Formats
Dynamic Entropy
Hair Growth Rate
Eventual Consistency
Wrong Times Table
Confidence Interval
Great Attractor
Mount St. Helens
Coronavirus Polling
2020 Google Trends
Turtle Sandwich Standard Model
Everyone's an Epidemiologist
Coronavirus Genome 2
Coronavirus Genome
Use or Discard By
Sourdough Starter
Coronavirus Charts
RIP John Conway
New Sports System
Collector's Edition
Pathogen Resistance
Recurring Nightmare
Coronavirus Worries
Coronavirus Research
Scientific Briefing
Business Greetings
Coronavirus Name
Truck Proximity
Ringtone Timeline
Grandpa Jason and Grandpa Chad
Picking Bad Stocks
Phylogenetic Tree
Further Research is Needed
Parker Solar Probe
Worst Thing That Could Happen
Networking Problems
Solar System Changes
Unsubscribe Message
Bad Map Projection: South America
Star Wars Voyager 1
Parenthetical Names
Alignment Chart Alignment Chart
Christmas Presents
Edible Arrangements
Thumbtacks And String
Star Wars Spoiler Generator
Brussels Sprouts Mandela Effect
Timeline of the Universe
AI Hiring Algorithm
Is it Christmas?
Group Chat Rules
How To Deliver Christmas Presents
Hotel Room Party
the Time Before And After Land
Machine Learning Captcha
Transit of Mercury
Recombination And Reionization
Voting Referendum
Software Updates
Terminator: Dark Fate
Imagine Going Back in Time
Earthquake Early Warnings
Percent Milkfat
Faculty:Student Ratio
Chemistry Nobel
Cell Phone Functions
Hours Before Departure
College Athletes
Types of Approximation
Earth-Like Exoplanet
Foucault Pendulum
Unreachable State
Cryptic Wifi Networks
Nice To E-Meet You
Dockless Roombas
How to Send a File
Well-Ordering Principle
Conference Question
Serena Versus the Drones
Old Game Worlds
Disappearing Sunday Update
Unpopular Opinions
When I'm Back at a Keyboard
Expiration Date High Score
How Hacking Works
Flag Interpretation
First News Memory
Trained a Neural Net
Shadow Biosphere
Coordinate Precision
Predictive Models
Reading in the Original
Motivated Reasoning Olympics
Literary Opinions
Ken Burns Theory
Diploma Legal Notes
Effects of High Altitude
Alternate Histories
Waiting for the But
Heists And Escapes
Adjusting a Chair
Dangerous Fields
Reinvent the Wheel
Wanna See the Code?
Election Commentary
M87 Black Hole Size Comparison
Too Much Talking
EHT Black Hole Picture
Percentage Styles
Industry Nicknames
1921 Fact Checker
Google Trends Maps
Space Mission Hearing
Meta Collecting
Size Venn Diagram
Light Pollution
Brain Hemispheres
Video Orientation
Normal Distribution
Differentiation and Integration
.NORM Normal File Format
Launch Conditions
Physics Suppression
Opportunity Rover
Invisible Formatting
Carbonated Beverage Language Map
Sharing Options
Modern OSI Model
Midcontinent Rift System
Internet Archive
Technical Analysis
Models of the Atom
Missal of Silos
Consensus New Year
Million, Billion, Trillion
Feathered Dinosaur Venn Diagram
Christmas Eve Eve
Schwarzschild's Cat
History Department
Mercator Projection
Middle Latitudes
Cohort and Age Effects
Horror Movies 2
Update Your Address
Airplanes and Spaceships
Evaluating Tech Things
Indirect Detection
Trig Identities
Who Sends the First Text?
Modified Bayes' Theorem
Internal Monologues
Stanislav Petrov Day
Unfulfilling Toys
Social Media Announcement
Sandboxing Cycle
Boathouses and Houseboats
Rolle's Theorem
Begging the Question
Supreme Court Bracket
Dark Matter Candidates
Repair or Replace
Voting Software
Complex Numbers
Lightning Distance
Sports Champions
Software Development
Negative Results
An Apple for a Dollar
OEIS Submissions
New Phone Thread
Thorough Analysis
Newton's Trajectories
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
Irony Definition
Brookhaven RHIC
Customer Rewards
Presidential Succession
LeBron James and Stephen Curry
Clickbait-Corrected p-Value
xkcd Phone 2000


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