I would like to get feedback on the questions I post here before posting them, so that I can tweak the difficulty and make the questions more fun to solve.

What is the best way to go about this?

I have run my questions past my friends in real life, but none of them are 'expert' puzzle solvers and this doesn't result in the best quality feedback for harder/longer puzzles.

I mostly plan to create word connection puzzles, and maybe some discover-the-rules type puzzles as well.


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Puzzling has a fairly active chat room. You can pop in whenever you'd like and simply ask for puzzle feedback/testers. If the puzzle is short enough you may be able to paste all the important parts in chat. Some add-ons:

  • The MathJax Sandbox. Despite the name, this is a sandbox for any sort of formatting. If your puzzle requires particular formatting as part of its presentation, this is a good option. Please also post a link in chat, as the sandbox is not regularly checked.
  • One-Time Secret. This site allows you to create a link which will work for only one person. The link will lead to a textbox, in which you can put anything you'd like, including links elsewhere. If you want to keep your puzzle private before release, this is a good option. A normal workflow would be to ask in chat for a tester, then send them a link; they may send feedback by another link or publically in chat. Example.
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    $\begingroup$ Thanks, I'll look to try this out with some puzzles currently in the works! $\endgroup$
    – Luke
    Mar 16 at 3:50

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