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I'm talking about questions like:

What is the solution to this cryptogram? FOO BAR BAZ


What word goes here in this crossword with the clue "foo of the bar"


How can I solve this logic grid puzzle?


Should these be accepted as on-topic? I myself am hesitant to say yes, because they are extremely localized, and since they are so narrow they are unlikely to help future visitors. What do you think?

(this is copied from my own post on Area 51)

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note: this is not trying to be an official policy or anything of the sort; this is just my opinion

It depends.

  • If your puzzle is a programming puzzle or challenge, post it on Programming Puzzles and Code Golf Stack Exchange.
  • If the puzzle could have multiple answers or the puzzle is subjective or opinion-based, do not post it here. This includes riddles, etc. The user shouldn't have to come back and say: "Hmm, that works, but it's not the right answer. That other one is right!"
  • If the puzzle is generic or can be trivially modified, do not post it. For example, "Solve this hangman puzzle: P _ Z Z _ E" is bad because it's unlikely to help future visitors and it's way too narrow, but "What's a good strategy for guessing vowels in specific words in hangman?" (for example) is good.
  • If the puzzle is reasonably unique and could help others in the future, post it here! For example, "How could I move three coins in this triangle to make it point the other direction?" (I just picked an example of a fairly well-known puzzle for this, but there are probably much better examples out there)

(this is copied from my own post on Area 51)

  • What about, for example, individual Sudoku puzzles? – Donald.McLean May 14 '14 at 21:16
  • 1
    Individual Sudoku puzzles do not help the future public & since so many solution providing sites already exist, it won't be helpful. However, if it can be somewhat generalized for a certain technique, it might be a different story. – shad0w_wa1k3r May 14 '14 at 21:40

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