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Spoiler markup: ____________________

What? You don't find my title helpful? You had no idea what you were going to read before you opened the question...I see. This site is getting on the Stack Exchange Hot List a lot lately! I've been ...
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How do we improve the quality of content produced on Puzzling.SE?

I feel like it's time to open this discussion in its most general form. Countless recent meta discussions (okay, fine, they're countable) keep coming back to a fundamental issue with this site: our ...
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Handling puzzles with multiple steps and the posting of partial answers

Note: This post was created specifically due to mod flags, and comments on answers in my treasure hunt question, however the discussion is probably more broadly applicable than that. Obviously, the ...
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I created a question. However I want the method of solving to continue to be a mystery even though the answer has been found

I created a question. I want the method of solving to continue to be a mystery even though the answer has been found (at least for a while). No shoot Sherlock: Test your internet and detective ...
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Proper review policy for Low Quality Posts

Recently, this review has popped up with some controversy surrounding it. This controversy obscured the actual question behind the review, so I'd like to ask the question here. While the answer wasn'...
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Closing of questions seems very inconsistent

A latest question by @Amruth A brings up a bothersome question. Is the "closing" of the questions on the PSE done inconsistently? Some aspects of closing appear straightforward: No ...
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Should questions that involve dictionary attacks be considered off-topic?

There have been some questions that asks things like: Replace a=1, b=2,... Find word with characters having product of 1 million Words with greatest single letter-to-word ratio Longest suffix with ...
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Deletion of correct answers?

Recently I've noticed a lot of answers which are correct - in some cases, I believe, even accepted - being deleted by the moderators (which means normal users can't vote to undelete them), simply ...
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State of meta.puzzling.SE rules

So, it was recently asked when a community consensus is reached. Additionally I have observed a lot of users having no overview at all of the current rules, so for the last few days I have been ...
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Should the tag alphametic require working by deault

I think that maybe the alphametic tag should imply that working is required in the answer. For example was accepted as the correct answer after others ...
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Stance on joke answers to puzzles?

I was reading this: I was wondering what the stance on similar joke answers on Puzzling.SE? One scenario I have in my mind, for example, would be riddles with cryptic clues that may have an ...
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