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So what's our actual stance on riddles?

On this question in the definition phase, somebody noted that "this site is for puzzles, not riddles". But I'm wondering if, given that a riddle is clear enough in its meaning, and does in fact have ...
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Is it on-topic to present specific logic puzzles or brainteasers as questions?

This Area 51 discussion suggests that posting brainteasers as questions should be allowed. I think these could be one of the most, accessible, interesting possible posts to keep the community engaged....
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Are puzzles and riddles welcome?

It is really a shame that this question was still not properly settled. Are puzzles on-topic? Are riddles on-topic? Even if they are on-topic, are they welcome or just tolerated? If they are not on-...
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A policy on plagiarism

A few of you may be wondering why nineteen questions just disappeared from the site. This meta post is meant to explain what just happened, and set a goal for how to handle similar situations in the ...
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Should (and/or are) top voted answers (allowed to) use spoiler tags

Reading this answer (see comments) or this question here on meta, are answers expected and/or allowed to use spoiler tags for the reason: Doing a favor for those who don't want to immediately see ...
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Should we delete answers that contain no explanation?

Because of the support the thought received here, I'm creating a new proposal about deleting poor-quality answers. In order to increase the quality of answers on Puzzling.SE, I'd like to propose that ...
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Answers not in the spirit of the question

I'm sure you've all seen answers like this. For example, with the question "go through the centers of all of the circles with six lines," you can do it in one! Yeah... no. This answer is clearly not ...
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Spoiler markup: ____________________

What? You don't find my title helpful? You had no idea what you were going to read before you opened the question...I see. This site is getting on the Stack Exchange Hot List a lot lately! I've been ...
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How do we improve the quality of content produced on Puzzling.SE?

I feel like it's time to open this discussion in its most general form. Countless recent meta discussions (okay, fine, they're countable) keep coming back to a fundamental issue with this site: our ...
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Can we please edit [very hard], [difficult], and (easy) out of titles?

I'm pretty new to Puzzling, but I've looked over a few meta posts about "difficulty". We don't have tags for difficulty ratings, and we don't seem to need a star/rating system IMO. Yet people label ...
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Why are questions off-topic if they invite answers which are not demonstrably correct, or are otherwise speculative?

My question was closed with the following reason: This question may invite speculative answers, as the question is not fully defined. The validity of some answers may be based upon opinion. Good ...
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What if all "solve my puzzle and that's it" questions got banned

I know my proposal is extreme! Please read it as objectively as you can and imagine the community that would be created instead of dismissing it purely for being extreme. Additionally I wrote the post ...
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Positive discussion from the recent confusion

As I'm sure everyone on Meta has read, there's been quite a lot of confusion about whether or not puzzles are on-topic on Puzzling.SE. The latest information right now is from Robert Cartaino saying ...
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At what point has the community decided on a site policy?

Some people have been going around and leaving comments on various questions/answers and asking for edits to be made so that the Q/A adheres to a site "policy". They link to a meta answer which has ...
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Gathering chestnuts

On of the first things that was brought up on meta was whether simply asking a puzzle as a question was part of the scope of the site. The consensus seems to be a resounding "yes". However, ...
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