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Should we temporarily remove ourselves from the Hot Network Questions?

Multiple of our high-activity questions have appeared over the last week on Hot Network Questions (HNQ) on the Stack Exchange front page, leading to an increase in traffic. Is this desirable at the ...
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What is PSE's policy on mathematical questions, and why, and what's the history behind it?

It seems like PSE's policy on mathematical questions is kinda complicated and has changed over time. What exactly is the policy, and what's the history that led to it? (There are already lots of ...
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Thank you, Robert Cartaino

For those who don't know, the Director of Community Development at the Stack Exchange company, Mr Robert Cartaino, is no longer employed by Stack Exchange. Tributes are already flowing in on main meta ...
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How do we want to use our meta FAQ?

As far as I know, this isn't something that's ever really been talked about. We've got a potentially extremely useful resource on Puzzling Meta: the faq tag. But I'm not sure how we should use it. ...
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What about a question calling for examples of a certain type of puzzle?

(Please see this question and comments on it for where this proposition originates.) How would people feel about a question of the form 'What are some good examples of puzzles of type X?', inviting ...
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What should our Help Center say about on-topic questions? [duplicate]

Update 10/2015: It's been a year since this question was posted, but it's still just as important today as it was then. While at the time it was buried, as the site continues to grow, having this ...
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Preventing "pushing" topics by deleted answers

There is this old post here which got recently pushed up on the "active" top questions. On closer inspection, this was only due to a new user adding a new answer. However, the user (presumeably) ...
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