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Puzzling.SE refers me to Mathematics.SE refers me back to Puzzling.SE

Relevant posts: Which maths questions are on-topic Proposed policy on maths questions My challenge (I will refrain from calling it a puzzle for now!) was recently put on hold as off-topic since it ...
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Should we burninate [word-problem]?

I've had an issue with the word-problem tag for a while. It's currently being used as a replacement or co-tag for: story wordplay or word mathematics Of these, only the last is what the tag should ...
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Revisiting the 'math question or math puzzle' policy

There have been a lot of discussion in the past about which math questions are on-topic and which one are off-topic. But I today I found a bit old question (with amazingly net 4 upvotes) which is ...
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How do we want to use our meta FAQ?

As far as I know, this isn't something that's ever really been talked about. We've got a potentially extremely useful resource on Puzzling Meta: the faq tag. But I'm not sure how we should use it. ...
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What is PSE's policy on mathematical questions, and why, and what's the history behind it?

It seems like PSE's policy on mathematical questions is kinda complicated and has changed over time. What exactly is the policy, and what's the history that led to it? (There are already lots of ...
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Overuse of poor math questions, what can we do?

So I've been noticing ... lazy math puzzles. I thought it was just a fad, but clearly not .Now, I'm not trying to judge, but a lot of these questions are just in this weird gray zone where they're not ...
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Is this question I asked on Math.SE better suited for Puzzling.SE?

I had asked a question on Math SE, before I knew about Puzzling SE. Here's the link. It does involve ...
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I say that a maths puzzle is suitable for this site. The puzzle-setter disagrees. What do you say?

In this puzzle Win the relay competition by selecting the longer path for competitors There is a wordy and confusing set-up. At the end of the question the following appears, The basic ...
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Should you post a new answer if you used a different methodology to get the same result?

Suppose a question is asked that has a single definite answer (like a math problem), and someone answers it correctly. If I come up with the same answer in a different way, would it be appropriate to ...
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Peter winkler releases his book for free . Can we post all the questions here? Mr. Peter Winkler has released his book for free on the above site. Can we discuss most/ all of the puzzles from the book here ?
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Topicness of word puzzles?

I'm sure this has probably been hashed out to death here. Can someone give me a quick rundown on whatever the current consensus is about word puzzles being on- or off-topic here? From a quick visit ...
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Are questions that are just entertainment-based accepted here? [closed]

I have seen many questions here that in my thought are just for entertainment, but they are receiving many up-votes. (questions on the first page of the site (Active ones) for example, are all being ...
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The [math] tag is pointless

In my opinion, the tag [math] is pretty useless, as we already have the following tags: Geometry Arithmetic Combinatorics Probability Number-theory Every math puzzle can be identified with one of ...
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Why are mathematical question posted on Puzzling SE?

Why are mathematical question posted on Puzzling SE? Is Mathematics SE not good enough? Here are some examples: A circle touches two sides of a triangle and two of its medians A geometric puzzle. ...
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Why was "Sum of digits of numbers" not well-received?

Sum of digits of numbers I recently posted this puzzle, I'm not sure why it is not well received. How can I make sure that this does not happen next time?
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