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Is the distinction too subtle between downvoting and voting to close?

Q1 (rhetorical). What distinguishes these three things? A downvote A vote to close A vote to remain closed I’m beginning to wonder if we really know, and am beginning to suspect that we ...
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What tricky mathematical questions are on topic here?

[EDITED to add:] See followup at Proposed policy on mathematical questions proposing a more specific policy in the light of comments and voting here. There's strong consensus that straightforward ...
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Should mathematics questions really be on-topic here?

Item: A blanket for my baby snake This is a math question. It's an interesting math question — so interesting that it is a research problem whose solution is still unknown. And the top-scoring ...
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Line between a programming puzzle and a programming problem

I've answered many questions on Stack Overflow, many of which got me to sit down and think in a way like it were an entertaining puzzle! Here is an example of such a post. I want to know where the ...
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Puzzling.SE refers me to Mathematics.SE refers me back to Puzzling.SE

Relevant posts: Which maths questions are on-topic Proposed policy on maths questions My challenge (I will refrain from calling it a puzzle for now!) was recently put on hold as off-topic since it ...
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How hard is too hard?

I want to develop a difficult--but also fun and memorable--puzzle, but I'm not sure how hard is too hard. I don't want to post it and everyone just think it's "confusing." You know, Einstein once said ...
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Revisiting the 'math question or math puzzle' policy

There have been a lot of discussion in the past about which math questions are on-topic and which one are off-topic. But I today I found a bit old question (with amazingly net 4 upvotes) which is ...
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What is PSE's policy on mathematical questions, and why, and what's the history behind it?

It seems like PSE's policy on mathematical questions is kinda complicated and has changed over time. What exactly is the policy, and what's the history that led to it? (There are already lots of ...
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Why is this question considered a math problem? [duplicate]

I have asked this question recently. It's more likely a puzzle; because I have seen it in a puzzle quiz. Also, a math problem isn't asked in this way! It's a puzzle that challenges the IQ. Compare it ...
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Can we ask difficult math puzzles here?

Can we ask difficult math questions here? More specifically, I mean a math question that involves square roots.
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