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Okay, the sandbox didn't work. We still have a quality problem; let's figure out how to address it

As of today, the riddle sandbox is no longer mandatory. The close reason related to it has been deactivated, and the requirement has been removed from the sandbox text. It was an experiment to see if ...
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Answers not in the spirit of the question

I'm sure you've all seen answers like this. For example, with the question "go through the centers of all of the circles with six lines," you can do it in one! Yeah... no. This answer is clearly not ...
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About NON-open-ended puzzles with multiple answers working towards an optimum

A while ago, consensus was reached that open-ended puzzles are no longer welcome on our site. That means, if a question has no absolute "best possible" answer, so that any answer could conceivably be ...
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Why are questions off-topic if they invite answers which are not demonstrably correct, or are otherwise speculative?

My question was closed with the following reason: This question may invite speculative answers, as the question is not fully defined. The validity of some answers may be based upon opinion. Good ...
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Let's write a proper "Read Me First"

Our site has a lot of rules. One might even say, an awful lot. It would be a very good idea to list the most relevant of them in one place somewhere (the tour seems like a decent option) so that we ...
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Policy on closing old questions

I posted a question back in 2016. As an open-ended challenge it was on topic at the time, and now it's not, which is fine. Now the question has been closed, which is also no problem for me. The ...
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What should we do with old [open-ended] puzzles?

Open-ended puzzles are off-topic The above-linked question ended: With that being said, I hereby propose that we lock the "good" open-ended puzzles for their historical significance and ...
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My question has been closed even with huge views and upvotes? "1 moderator is no better than 10K users"

My question "" Question link has been closed because of jealousy of upvotes and views. There should be ...
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Is a never-ending logic challenge viable for this site and where should I ask for more feedback before posting a question?

Following my research interests, I am working out a challenge that is like an infinite tournament or competitive game to find short proofs (includes ongoing potential bounties and a wall of fame). ...
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I'd like my latest question to be a team effort. Are there any conventions about this?

I am planning to submit a question that has sub-parts that are needed to answer the whole. I've noticed in other puzzles that sometimes individuals will submit part of an answer and then others will ...
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I want to ask a question with a finite but a large number of possible answers. Can I accept the most up-voted answer?

My word puzzle has a finite number of unique words that can be combined to make a sentence. Because there is no repetition, the answer must be finite (no buffaloes). Ingenuity is required to maximise ...
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