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This tag is for questions about answers: how to answer, whether specific answers are appropriate, and so forth.

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Which answer should be accepted if the first one (chronologically) takes the most important step, but the second is more complete?

Link to my puzzle. The answer written by gsomani is in my opinion more important. The puzzle only has a single step pattern to discover, which they found, but fell short at the last step because they ...
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Do we want to keep the accepted answer pinned to the top?

Staff announced on Meta Stack Exchange that they're considering unpinning accepted answers - either on a per-site, opt-in basis, or network-wide with the ability to opt out. If such a thing went ...
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Is it compulsory to hide all answers in spoiler blocks?

There seems to be a policy of the site that the important part of answers should be hidden in spoiler blocks. However, I still see answers that are not hidden in spoiler blocks. Most of the answers ...
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What can I do in this pressuring situation?

I posted a well-received puzzle the other day where users needed to find out what word goes into the blank spaces in a few sentences, and the first user to post an answer got it right. I didn't want ...
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When are "many" answers "too many"?

I know this kind of question is asked before but answers were not clear. Recently, like yesterday, a nice question, got 18 (and counting) answers! Many interesting, some out there. While I have seen ...
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Attention on bountied question

I have provided bounty on a question but it has not received much attention as expected. How do I draw attention apart from this?? The question is not mine but I desparately want to see an answer to ...
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Should my answer be deleted if there is a similar/identical answer?

I am new to puzzling and I really like it. I have a question: I posted my first answer to everyday you make cry, and El-Guest beat me by 3 minutes ;-)! Shall I delete my answer then?
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How to choose the answer to accept in a multi-question puzzle?

Similar question but not extremely useful because this time is about multi-question puzzles rather than the answers quality. I recently posted this puzzle which was composed of multiple questions of ...
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I just joined Puzzling, but can't post an answer

I saw a question that I wanted to post an answer to, so I joined Puzzling. My reputation on other sites allowed me to immediately get the +100 bonus... which should allow me to answer the question. ...
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What happens with the questions with no accepted answer?

There are many questions in PSE with a few answers (or sometimes no answers at all) which do not yet have any accepted answer with tick mark even though many weeks or months have passed. Shouldn't the ...
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Enigmatic Puzzle - Eliminate Wrong Paths

I'm solving an enigmatic-puzzle, in particular, this. If I found routes that ended up in a dead-end, but which I am sure that was deliberately added in by the puzzle creator, should I post them as an ...
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16 votes
3 answers

About NON-open-ended puzzles with multiple answers working towards an optimum

A while ago, consensus was reached that open-ended puzzles are no longer welcome on our site. That means, if a question has no absolute "best possible" answer, so that any answer could conceivably be ...
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20 votes
2 answers

Partial Answers and "List-of-Clues" puzzles

Puzzling is unique across the SE network for allowing "partial answers" -- that is, answers that aren't full answers to the questions, but just make some progress towards answering it. But recently, I'...
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2 answers

Is there a way to generate interest in old questions?

I'm new to Puzzling Stack Exchange and have found I can learn a lot by reading old puzzles and seeing how they were solved. I took an interest in one and posted an answer which was different to the ...
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Is it acceptable for one user to have multiple answers to a question? [duplicate]

When I answer a puzzle and am told that I've given an incorrect answer, I usually edit my answer if I want to try again. However, I saw a comment recently (can't remember where) that suggested that ...
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What's the benefit of this edit? (Added 2 spaces)

Someone edited an answer just to add two spaces. Link: Why would someone do that and is this allowed?
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Is it good for Puzzling to post a solution without appreciating the puzzle?

Time and again we have puzzles with no upvotes — or with downvotes — that have answers with upvotes. This seems to paradoxically imply: Solvers do not ...
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Is a handful of solutions that don't work considered a partial answer?

I've seen our stance on partial answers (where some, but not all, of the puzzle is solved), and I agree with our philosophy that they're basically a good thing for this site. How far, though, does ...
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Edit ruined my puzzle!

Unfortunately, I can't explain what happened without spoiling the puzzle, so only read on if you want a puzzle ruined for you.
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May a user edit another's non-CW answer to add pertinent info?

Suppose one person posts a partial answer to a question. (Perhaps the question had many parts and the answerer didn't answer every part.) And that answer is not CW. May another user edit that answer ...
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Is it poor form to post multiple possibilities in an answer?

Let's say there is a riddle, and I am unsure of the answer but have narrowed it down to, say, 2 possibilities. Would it be in poor form to post a single answer that says "Either it's A, or it's B"? ...
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Should we upvote good answers for puzzles we've downvoted for being not good?

I'm repeatedly coming accross puzzles which I deem down-vote-worthy, because they lack quality. (They are on-topic though, so I don't VTC.) These are "puzzles" which are either far too easy ...
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2 answers

Should we delete very late duplicate answers?

Yup. Duplicate answers. We have seen some of them in last few days. Like this, this, this, this and possibly many more which I didn't mention. They aren't exact duplicates but they still have the same ...
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Can the answer be a photo taken of a written paper?

While answering the math, geometry, pattern and some other puzzling, in case if I faced some difficulty to explain my answer by typing, can I write/draw the answer in the paper, taking that as a photo ...
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Is it okay to have too many answers?

Questions such as this have way too many answers. Isn't that a problem? One could justify that each answer explains thing a bit differently, but I can't imagine the answer to a simple question being ...
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Put on hold as "too many possible answers"

I submitted a puzzle of my own making: If the world were flat, would I always be able to see Mount Everest (the tallest structure) off in the distance? In my mind, there is only one "correct" ...
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3 answers

My puzzle was answered credibly: correctly but not as intended

I posted a puzzle for answerers to solve, about finding a pattern across several lists of words. My effort to remove patterns other than the one I used to construct the lists apparently wasn't ...
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Why choose this as accepted answer?

In this question, there are multiple well-received answers. The owner of the post chose the answer with -21 votes as the accepted answer. The community seems to disagree. What should be done?
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Introduce a check-box for partial answers

A lot of puzzles end up getting quite a few partial answers, hints, etc. before the actual puzzle is solved. If this is unhelpful, it eventually gets down-voted. However, often this content is, in ...
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Deletion of correct answers?

Recently I've noticed a lot of answers which are correct - in some cases, I believe, even accepted - being deleted by the moderators (which means normal users can't vote to undelete them), simply ...
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How is a day 30 hours?

I had posted a rebus puzzle and users solved it. After all of them were solved, I posted a CW answer with all the answers of the puzzle. I tried to accept my answer after I posted it and a popup came ...
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3 answers

Where to put puzzle feedback?

I've been writing feedback for puzzles and wondering I should put it. I've been doing this in the comments (like on this question), as that's what feedback is: commentary on the puzzle, rather than an ...
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Spoiler markup: ____________________

What? You don't find my title helpful? You had no idea what you were going to read before you opened the question...I see. This site is getting on the Stack Exchange Hot List a lot lately! I've been ...
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4 answers

Content on site slowly becoming more and more like Y! Answers

We're treading down a wrong path here, there needs to be some quality control in terms of answers. Just treating everything as "it's creative, don't hate" is such a bad way to regulate question and ...
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My question was answered with "creative" answers

A recent question of mine has gotten tons of answers, many if them probably think that they were being creative and thinking outside the box, however I consider them loop holes. For example: Someone ...
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2 answers

Can I upvote incorrect answers?

Should only correct answers be up-voted, or is it ok to upvote incorrect answers where an attempt has been made and well explained, despite it being wrong. If only correct answers can be upvoted, ...
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Hide the answers

I think all the answers should be hidden until the user clicks something, like a "Show answers" button. With a short question with short answers like this:
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"The oracle was lying!", "Just stab them instead!" and other... 'creatively' unhelpful answers

It seems to me like we have developed a problem with a particular type of answer: the answer that ignores the puzzle completely and thinks of a "creative" workaround. What I'm talking about are two ...
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20 votes
4 answers

Standard Loopholes

It has been mentioned before that a set of "standard loopholes" (similar to those used on CodeGolf.SE) could be useful for restricting the number of "silly" answers to questions which were funny the ...
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Answers not in the spirit of the question

I'm sure you've all seen answers like this. For example, with the question "go through the centers of all of the circles with six lines," you can do it in one! Yeah... no. This answer is clearly not ...
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3 answers

Is it appropriate to work out a solution in an answer when the solution isn't complete yet?

I started looking at one of the rather complicated questions and began formulating answers based on compartmentalizing the problem into smaller, simpler problems. I need a place to write down the ...
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2 answers

update v second answer

Let's say, I've posted a solution to a puzzle and it's been accepted. Later, I think of an alternate solution, distinctly different than the first but (hopefully) meriting mention. Is it better to ...
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