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A bounty is a way to get additional attention for a question by offering some of your own reputation for great answers.

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Offering a bounty after accepting an answer

Suppose a user posts a question, gets an answer and then accepts that answer. Later on a new answer from another user is posted and the user posing the question wishes to accept both answers. Since ...
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Reduce minimum bounty offer for the second or later bounties on the same question

I recently offered a bounty on my first question, but it didn't receive much attention, nor had it received any answers. The option to offer/start another bounty is now gone (the link-like button now ...
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1 answer

Are Bounty Reasons disparaging people as "poor" something we want to condone?

There's currently a question bountied with the reason given as: i am very away my poor... That wording, intent aside, seems like a very unkind way to oversee things. Are we ...
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My Puzzle has not received Attention after placing two bounties, what should I do about it? [duplicate]

This puzzle, My sister has gone Puzzled again, has not received enough attention after placing two consecutive bounties, both of which were wasted, and now it has got two downvotes. I have two ...
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Is it ok to start a bounty on an entry in a topic challenge?

Today @jafe started a bounty on a question of mine. I am happy that this happened, of course (by the way, a +500 bounty is a lot). The potential problem is that the question is an entry in the 45th ...
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1 answer

Attention on bountied question

I have provided bounty on a question but it has not received much attention as expected. How do I draw attention apart from this?? The question is not mine but I desparately want to see an answer to ...
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1 answer

Unable to give bounty of lower value after given upper bounty

Example → See me from your view point - As seen by the rest After giving a bounty of 250, why are lower value bounty options removed? It is better to keep all bounty values, even after a bounty is ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Can we have a longer bounty-period?

On regular SE sites, bounties are meant to push interest in a question and - as soon as possible - attract some sort of attention. This works, to some extend, on Puzzling SE as well, but the bounty-...
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21 votes
3 answers

Are we allowed to offer prizes for solving puzzles?

I just logged onto the site and noticed this cipher puzzle. As an "incentive", the person who asked it has apparently hidden AU\$50 worth of Bitcoin inside the solution ($38.50 in US dollars, or just ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Bounties awarded to answers that aren't correct

So according to the FAQ: The bounty period lasts 7 days. Bounties must have a minimum duration of at least 1 day. After the bounty ends, there is a grace period of 24 hours to manually award the ...
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-4 votes
2 answers

Are chat games with a prize allowed?

I'd like to know whether I'm allowed to start games involving a bounty prize in chat rooms (specifically in The Sphinx's Lair). For example things like The first person who solves my chat user ...
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33 votes
12 answers

What is our reason for wanting bounties on questions?

Please read the answers below and vote on the answer(s) that you feel best describe your opinions on the issue discussed here. There has recently been some discussion about bounties on questions, as ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Can we award bounties to questions?

Is this a feature-request worth asking about? Is it too difficult to implement a system where questions can be awarded bounties as well? Are there any reasons why this should not be done? And should ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How do I award a bounty to an answer I don't understand?

I have promised 250 rep bounties to five questions here. Recently I got 2 answers on this question from @DrXorile and @Hackiisan. However, I could not understand one of them, and am unsure of the ...
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0 votes
1 answer

What's the etiquette for notifying deadline-less bounty offerers of solutions?

This is a spinoff question from a previous meta question on bounties with no deadlines. Is there any etiquette recommended for this situation? I was thinking perhaps answering the aforementioned meta ...
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32 votes
0 answers

List of bounties with no deadlines

This is a list of unofficial, deadline-less (hence not searchable) bounties offered by users on various challenges on the main site. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the user will award the ...
-4 votes
3 answers

How about a "promised-bounty" tag?

I don't know if this has been discussed before on some other site. Often I feel like putting a bounty on questions (usually my own) questions, because they are based on optimisation and better ...
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1 answer

Can I award myself a bounty?

On this site you can bounty a question in order to receive more attention. Then the OP can choose who deserves to receive the bounty. You can also answer a question you asked yourself, which, in some ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Dealing with partial answers and a bounty

As mentioned in Handling puzzles with multiple steps and the posting of partial answers, there are many ways to deal with giving out the accepted answer when there are multiple parts to the question. ...
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1 answer

Unable to place a bounty (unknown bug)

There is some kind of bug that is not letting me put a bounty on a particular question. I have enough rep, the essential waiting period has passed and I have no other bounty currently running. I have ...
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34 votes
5 answers

Is it fair to transfer 3000 rep to a friend?

I have noticed a few comments by other users, so thought I would ask about the recent transfer of 3000 rep from d'alar'cop to rand al'thor. According to this discussion on, using bounties to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Listing of awarded bounties

Is there any way of seeing the bounties that have been awarded over the last quarter or month?
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