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Would puzzle-construction challenge questions be off-topic for this site?

I had the idea of encouraging more quality puzzles by asking a series of challenge questions that ask people to create a puzzle given certain constraints. Users could then vote on the various puzzles ...
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2 answers

Is it fair to partake in my own challenge question?

I recently posted a challenge question. (Refer link below) The Survivors of Dictionaria The idea for this question came to me when I was driving one day and happened to notice that the car behind me ...
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Voting on surface appearance

I see a concerning trend where puzzles get upvoted and downvoted on first impressions before any solution attempt is posted. And, if a solution is posted that makes the votes seem unwarranted, there's ...
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3 answers

My puzzle was answered credibly: correctly but not as intended

I posted a puzzle for answerers to solve, about finding a pattern across several lists of words. My effort to remove patterns other than the one I used to construct the lists apparently wasn't ...
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3 answers

Where to put puzzle feedback?

I've been writing feedback for puzzles and wondering I should put it. I've been doing this in the comments (like on this question), as that's what feedback is: commentary on the puzzle, rather than an ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Challenge questions and post quality: How should we proceed?

As most of you have probably noticed, a meta question was posted a few days ago that some of you did not wholeheartedly agree with. Now that I've secured the "understatement of the year" award, let's ...
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Is it time for us to disallow challenge-only questions?

While it is somewhat out of form to edit a question with these kinds of notes, this is designed to clear up potential confusion. status-declined's tag wiki reads: Indicates that a request (usually ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Welcoming original content puzzles

I don't know how much of a question this is, but something I've noticed is that a lot of users spend a lot of time and effort in attempts to provide content to this site. A lot of times, the solution ...
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3 answers

Providing solutions to one's own puzzles

The community is in the process of deciding which questions of the form "Here's a puzzle" should be on-topic, particularly when the poster knows the answer (see, e.g., here and here). I'm not taking a ...
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3 answers

Splitting a riddle across multiple questions

A discussion broke out in the comments to this riddle regarding splitting riddles into multiple parts. In this case QuyNguyen2013 had added hints to his first riddle and put them as new questions. ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How specific should a puzzle be?

I recently posted a puzzle which seemed to get a lot of activity, people commenting, posting answers and seemed to be popular enough. However, one user had a bit of a rant about how I was "making up a ...
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Can I upvote incorrect answers?

Should only correct answers be up-voted, or is it ok to upvote incorrect answers where an attempt has been made and well explained, despite it being wrong. If only correct answers can be upvoted, ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Should (and/or are) top voted answers (allowed to) use spoiler tags

Reading this answer (see comments) or this question here on meta, are answers expected and/or allowed to use spoiler tags for the reason: Doing a favor for those who don't want to immediately see ...
7 votes
3 answers

What's the etiquette of answering a 'challenge' (suggestion)

When a user posts a challenge, e.g. Given two hourglasses, one lasting 4 minutes, and one lasting 7 minutes, how do you measure 9 minutes precisely? What's the correct form of replying to the ...
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How to score challenges

I'm assuming we're going to have challenges on this site: Given two hourglasses, one lasting 4 minutes, and one lasting 7 minutes, how do you measure 9 minutes precisely? X mile desert crossed by ...
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Is it on-topic to present specific logic puzzles or brainteasers as questions?

This Area 51 discussion suggests that posting brainteasers as questions should be allowed. I think these could be one of the most, accessible, interesting possible posts to keep the community engaged....
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