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Chat is the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of every Stack Exchange site.

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Do we want extended spoiler functionality?

Overview Our community utilizes spoiler functionality very heavily. However, it's lacking in obvious areas such as comments, chat and titles. [1] In a post, it's easy to use a spoiler by appending an ...
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Enough reputation, but can't chat?

I just posted a question on PSE, and it got 2 upvotes. So, I get 20 + 1 existing rep. So, naturally, I have enough to talk in chat. But, when I opened The Sphinx's Lair, it says I don't have enough! ...
4 votes
2 answers

Am I allowed to join the The Sphinx's Lair?

Am I allowed to join the The Sphinx's Lair? The link keeps asking me to wait "Just a second..."
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0 answers

Color of own messages in chat rooms using Puzzling's theme is too similar to others' messages

I chat on several rooms throughout the network. Most rooms I chat on for most sites show one's own messages in a very different color from others' messages, such as blue on non-designed sites and ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Using ROT13 in comments

I didn't used to mind the odd ROT13 comment, but this: Code Movie Wall (in answers - Community Wiki) is getting ridiculous. Can't these discussions be held in chat? Or just dealt with ...
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Puzzling chatroom logo-text misalignment

Alconja's answer here in the Puzzling Design Pitch post mentions realignment of the Puzzling logo at the top of the site, moving it as shown in the below gif (credits to them): This is what it looks ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Best "Cryptic Clue Chat Chains" (CCCC) Questions

Since November 2016, there has been a game ongoing in The Sphinx's Lair called Cryptic Clue Chat Chains. It involves one person thinking up a cryptic clue, such as might be found in a Cryptic ...
24 votes
4 answers

What are these chatrooms with names like 'Codenames', 'Contact', and 'Spyfall'? What are they for?

I see there are several rooms hosted on Puzzling on chat.SE that have strange, one-word titles, like: Contact Codenames Spyfall Zendo Strupremum What are these rooms for?
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Chat game rooms

We've now got two rooms for games on chat: Codenames and Contact. I'm excited that these chat rooms have formed. But I'm wondering, should they be separate? A reason, perhaps, that they should be ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Can we use private chat rooms for collaborating on puzzles?

Here on Puzzling, we're a little different from other sites. Like, we know the answers before we post the question (usually), and we want other people to come to the same conclusion. And sometimes, we ...
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14 votes
6 answers

Nominate additional Room Owners for The Sphinx's Lair

Your friendly neighbourhood moderators are fairly active in chat in The Sphinx's Lair, but we realize that we can only do so much. We would like to add some new room owners, who will inherit certain ...
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2 answers

Are chat games with a prize allowed?

I'd like to know whether I'm allowed to start games involving a bounty prize in chat rooms (specifically in The Sphinx's Lair). For example things like The first person who solves my chat user ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Do we want all new questions to show up in The Sphinx's Lair?

Until recently, there were feeds that did the following in The Sphinx's Lair: Post every new question posted on Meta Post every question that had a bounty placed on it. This resulted in maybe a ...
5 votes
2 answers

Link to chat-room

I'm a bit confused about the right-hand side-bar on site. When do I get the "chat-room" links shown there and when not? I currenlty see them on the meta-site only, but I can't remember if I've seen ...
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10 votes
9 answers

Rename the Green Llama!

The official Puzzling chat was named "The Green Llama" a year ago, after a public contest where everyone could suggest and vote his favourite name. It took a year for us to realize that we ...
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-21 votes
2 answers

A private and offensive chatroom

Here's a private room on the SE chat system. Look carefully at the URL. "Irritating and ...
13 votes
2 answers

Should we have a "weekly puzzle"?

I was thinking of ways we could further engage community members, existing and new, and I had a thought: maybe we should run a 'weekly puzzle' chat event? This could be a good forum for discussion of ...
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13 votes
8 answers

Name the Chat Room

The Puzzling Chat room, give it a name! (and come in there and hash it out!) Edit: This should have been done at the start .... a deadline for this 'process'. I propose: 1 week from today (Friday 23 ...
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