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Why was my answer deleted - is this arrogance from moderators?

When the first gamer comes to the pile for the last time there must be between 1 and 9 Euro in the pile. So the controller is worth between 1 and 9 Euro. deleted by Rand al'Thor, Beastly Gerbil, ...
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3 votes
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Can I see the last comment in my deleted answer?, or the deletion reason?

Yesterday I joined this comunity and posted an answer to this question 29 - 1 = 30 – how? The answer got like 7 upvotes, but then it was somehow deleted (among many others). A comment was left ...
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Why was this post deleted?

I'm asking this question mostly out of curiosity. I'm not questioning anyone's authority. This answer to one of my questions was deleted (sorry if not everyone can see it. The mods can and this ...
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