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This tag refers to all questions deleted. The tag "specific-question" should also be used when referencing a specific question that has been deleted.

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Can the question about a snail climbing out of a well please be undeleted and re-opened?

My question about a snail climbing out of a well was closed as off topic and deleted, because [...] it appears to be a mathematics problem, as opposed to a mathematical puzzle. The Question A ...
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What happened to the 'How to become the president?' question?

It's been over a year, but there was a simple but otherwise interesting puzzle (especially for newbies) called 'How to become the president' or something on the site. It was basically like Which of ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Why was this puzzle deleted?

This puzzle was posted this morning and I was lucky enough to solve it. However, it has been deleted, according to the notice, by Community ♦, which normally only happens for spam/offensive ...
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2 answers

How many downvotes are required to delete a question?

One of my questions was deleted. Although it had many downvotes, the question was not bad and was also ORIGINAL. If downvotes are only the count for "delete", why are other questions with more ...
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Why was my puzzle deleted?

I have a puzzle ( that received several downvotes. Other users posted comments that said the answer to the puzzle was too ...
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Should we have a new delete reason for posts removed due to a ban-evasion?

Relating to: Post locked - Why? It seems like we should have a new question delete reason so that people know when a post was deleted due to a user evading a ban or suspension, rather than an issue ...
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Can i repost my deleted question

A month ago I posted a puzzle which was combination of two riddles and I asked about the link between them. Both riddles could be solved individually. But I found a mistake in my research for the ...
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Deleted question

I stumbled across a nice puzzle today. It had a picture and only mentioned that there is a missing grid from it. (I already tried a reverse search of the image) I spend some time on it, and I think I ...
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Missing comments

Last night I posted a comment on this question, which was open at the time but has since been closed as a duplicate. This morning, I see a notification in my inbox that someone else posted a comment ...
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Should we historically lock highly upvoted but low quality and off-topic questions?

Recently, Emrakul made a meta post on why a certain question was deleted. It was a case of the question being low quality and off-topic. However, the question was highly upvoted (although incorrectly) ...
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What criteria did people use to delete this question, and should it be applied to other similar questions?

I'm looking at a particularly curious case of a question deleted by nine users. (Due to the popularity of the question, the number of delete votes needed was increased.) I happen to agree with the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Publishing puzzles both on Puzzling.SE and elsewhere

A riddle was recently posted, but it seems to have been mistakenly deleted as "spam". As with many puzzles on Puzzling.SE, it was an original creation, posted by the person who wrote the puzzle. In ...
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The mysteriously missing question (2)

Folks, There has been a murder. A question was just minding its business and it is now dead. What happened to it? "Who done it?" There are no other clues. Just very mysterious. Credit to Bozman ...
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