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Questions regarding etiquette and proper behaviour in relation to other users, SE posts, etc.

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Is it rude to wait until precise answer is given?

If an answer that is very close to what the puzzle maker has in mind has been given, but the answer is not quite there still, what is the best way to proceed?: Wait until the 100% correct answer is ...
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Is there some etiquette on reverse image search?

There are some puzzles on this site that involve images and recognizing what is on the image is a significant part of the puzzle, for example here. One can start solving puzzles like this in two ways. ...
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Is it ok to edit an incomplete answer before accepting it? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question on PSE which only answer is quite good but a little bit incomplete. You can see by yourself that the user who answered did almost all the passages right but there is ...
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Could we schedule a regular 'checkmark amnesty'?

In the past we have seen questions on Puzzling Meta about what to do when an OP hasn't accepted an answer and similar. However, these questions tend (just by their nature) to end up being answered ...
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Is there an appropriate way to advertise a puzzle question from MathSE here?

Suppose there's a question over on MathSE under the tag [puzzle] that, among all questions tagged puzzle, I think would especially be of interest to the users here on PuzzlingSE. Also, it's a ...
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If I have an idea to solve a riddle, but it isn't fleshed out, should I post my brainstorming as an answer?

The puzzle I have in mind is this one. I have an incomplete idea to solve a riddle, but I want to share it so that other puzzlers might have an epiphany and come up with an answer. My incomplete idea ...
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The etiquette on necro-ing

Points: + it is my own post with no solving attempts + it is a little over a month old; certainly not too much of a necro, but I believe it will age further. + I'm unsure when I will put a bounty on ...
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Is it good for Puzzling to post a solution without appreciating the puzzle?

Time and again we have puzzles with no upvotes — or with downvotes — that have answers with upvotes. This seems to paradoxically imply: Solvers do not ...
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Are chat games with a prize allowed?

I'd like to know whether I'm allowed to start games involving a bounty prize in chat rooms (specifically in The Sphinx's Lair). For example things like The first person who solves my chat user ...
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2 answers

Is it OK to make a puzzle which requires distinguishing fairly similar colours from each other?

I was playing with some puzzle ideas this morning, one of which involved messing about with different colours in a way which might be impossible for someone colour-blind. I won't go into details (...
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Do we have to clarify that the story of a puzzle is not real?

Let's say a puzzle has a story that might seem real to some people. For example, a puzzle could have a story like "So my friend sent me a message". Do I, as the puzzle creator, have to clarify ...
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May a user edit another's non-CW answer to add pertinent info?

Suppose one person posts a partial answer to a question. (Perhaps the question had many parts and the answerer didn't answer every part.) And that answer is not CW. May another user edit that answer ...
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Posting famous unsolved puzzles

I recently came across this question. It presents a conundrum that it claims to be as-of-yet unsolved by anyone. Several people did a lot of work and research, and managed to come up with a ...
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Modifying a puzzle or its title

I'm new to setting puzzles. My first was on this site under a week ago. With each new one I learn a little more about what makes an unambiguous and fair puzzle. However I still find myself returning ...
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Is a spoiler-markup-only edit to this answer acceptable?

I saw this answer: I was going to edit it to add spoiler markup only (since it's short, readable, and hard to avoid reading), but I searched meta first ...
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Encourage newcomers to be active

Have you noticed what makes this site different? Its purpose is to be entertaining. Most Stack Exchange sites are for education and studies, or solving work/school problems. Participation differs ...
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Puzzles from books?

(I am using a murder story as an example but my question is not limited to detective stories.) If you were to shorten a detective story down to just the facts, the way people died and the places all ...
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My puzzle was answered credibly: correctly but not as intended

I posted a puzzle for answerers to solve, about finding a pattern across several lists of words. My effort to remove patterns other than the one I used to construct the lists apparently wasn't ...
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What to do if one tag is always a subset of another tag? [duplicate]

There is a tag hat-problem and another tag logic-puzzle. Probably every question tagged as a hat problem is one that is solved using logical reasoning, and can be tagged as a logical puzzle also. Is ...
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Informative titles for rebus puzzles

There have been a lot of rebus puzzles that have come up over the past 1-2 weeks. All of them have titles such as '10 one-liners', 'Another rebus', 'My 3rd rebus' and so on, which mention nothing but ...
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Welcoming original content puzzles

I don't know how much of a question this is, but something I've noticed is that a lot of users spend a lot of time and effort in attempts to provide content to this site. A lot of times, the solution ...
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Posting a multi-part series on how to solve a puzzle?

So, as an example, let's take the Rubik's Cube (since it's been getting popular since that question Emrakul posted about 4x4 positions not appearing on a 3x3) which obviously should not be used, as ...
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Law/Ethics question in regards to content distribution

I've been wanting to start up a youtube channel for a while and my recent fun writing riddles for this site has been awesome. If I make a youtube channel featuring the riddles I write here and put a ...
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2 answers

Can I upvote incorrect answers?

Should only correct answers be up-voted, or is it ok to upvote incorrect answers where an attempt has been made and well explained, despite it being wrong. If only correct answers can be upvoted, ...
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If a question is copied from another location, but it is not plagiarised, how do I have to treat all answers?

I found this math question: How to make 21?. I wanted to answer, but I found out that a copy of this riddle was on another question site, precisely here. Apart from any wonder of plagiarism, If I ...
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Is it acceptable to copy and paste questions from other sites?

Is it ok to ask questions that are a copy paste from other sites. As an example, this question came from this page. Not even the title is modified. Is this acceptable behaviour or is it to be ...
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