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For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc.

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How long should I wait for a flag to be reviewed?

I raised a flag on a question on the main Puzzling site on August 10th (2 weeks ago today). One of my subsequent flags has been marked as helpful, but the flag from 2 weeks ago has not yet been ...
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Congratulations bobble for raising 1000 helpful flags!

If you're an active PSE user, you'll know that bobble is an active moderator (merely without a diamond). Just recently she reached 1000 helpful flags... which is quite a feat given her time on PSE (&...
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4 votes
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Flag immediately accepted?

I just flagged a comment as being "rude or disrespectful," and as soon as I pressed "OK" to flag it, the comment disappeared. When I checked my flags, I saw that it had been marked ...
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Why were my comment flags declined?

I have flagged some obsolete comments which serves no value for future users and are mostly about appreciating the post like "+1" or "nicely done". What particularly surprised me ...
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Why was my flag on a snarky answer dismissed?

Specific question: I flagged this as "Not an answer" is not. It is just a pale attempt to get some undeserved points. It does not relate to the question. The question had no "...
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If I flagged a comment as 'Rude or Offensive', and it was marked 'helpful', why is it still there?

The title basically says it all - If I flagged a comment as 'Rude or Offensive', and it was marked 'helpful', why is it still there? The comment contained... eerr... explicit reproductive content. (I'...
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User seems to be copying other users' answers [duplicate]

I noticed that user Parzival recently posted answers to several questiosn (here, here, here, and here). Each of their answers was the exact copy of a highly upvoted answer. The last link even had a ...
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What to do when a duplicate is better than the original?

I thought I remembered a similar discussion to this earlier, but can't find it now. If this is a duplicate, please let me know. The community is pretty on top of things when it comes to flagging ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Am I supposed to flag duplicate answers?

I have tried and failed to find an answer to this is Meta or the help topics. If someone can point me to something I missed, I will happily close this question. I've taken a look at the help page on ...
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Declined flag for non-question

I flagged this 'question' as not a question This is not a question, nor feature request, nor anything. This belong on chat. Expecting it to obviously being deleted, however the flag got declined ...
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