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Markdown is a lightweight, plain-text, markup language. It is used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting (Questions, answers, wikis, chat).

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A table bug I just encountered

I was trying to make a liar puzzle. This is what it looked like in the preview thing in the edit mode, Then, this is what it looked like in question. Is this a problem with my device or the site?
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What is "kbd"? A grey tag?

What is the "kbd" in Markdown? What does "kbd" mean? It looks like a gray tag. grey tag Source
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1 answer

Color of the blockquote boxes just changed

The color of the blockquote boxes (not the meta site) just changed, Like this, from yellow to gray. I don't know whether it's a bug or a feature, but it's probably a bug.
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Revision history displays rendered MathJax when it should display markdown

I just edited this post to change The 216 is 6 cubed is made of 27 small cubes to ...
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Why is this particular string of numbers too far to the left?

On a question, there is a string of numbers. However, they are going too far to the left, and I see no reason for them to do so. Why are they doing this?
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Bullet lists in spoiler tags

Test case 1 this list works !- but this doesn't? ! - (notice how I needed two spaces to create new paragraph in spoiler) Test case 2 this list works filler text here
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Could we have syntax highlighting?

It happens quite often for mathematical or logical puzzles to be solved creating some programs or scripts, maybe to find the best solution to the task. By the way I actually got a bit disappointed ...
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Is it possible to include multiple paragraphs in spoilers? [duplicate]

I can't find a way to show multiple paragraphs in a spoiler tag. I had to resort to including superfluous headings between the paragraphs (or rather between the text and image, which I did not want to ...
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Spoiler Tags not working in answer that contains Right-To-Left (Hebrew) text

I made an answer here: And the spoiler tags do not seem to work on the paragraph that contains the Hebrew text. I have tried changing the formatting ...
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What should the MathJax delimiter be?

In a previous round of discussion, we concluded that this site should have MathJax. In spite of its title, the discussion left open the issue of which delimiter should be used for inline math. There ...
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We should have MathJax. What should the escape sequence be?

This site is going to have a lot of math on it. There are going to be questions that are almost purely math. To me, this is clear: We should have MathJax. These are the features we would gain. @...
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