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New users are those users who may be new to the Stack Exchange Q&A format, and generally have a low reputation score, which starts from 1 at the time of registration.

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2 answers

Request: Restriction to ask a new question for new users

There are some users who sign up for puzzling but they just ask a question (most probably from ongoing contest, or for spams, or unrelated questions to puzzling etc) and leave the page. Therefore I ...
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3 answers

Is my modest english skills a handicap to write on the site?

I'm some new to this stack exchange community. Over the last weeks I've been posting different kinds of problems to my best ability. Some of them had drawings or sketches (the best which I could make ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Learning to solve puzzles for new users

I am a new user, now that I have a bit more time I would like to learn more about how to improve in solving puzzles. Most of the time when I attempt to solve a puzzle I keep using the same set of ...
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20 votes
3 answers

How not to discourage new contributors?

I see this a few times with "New Contributor" puzzles. Many of them have not really looked at the site rules or Help Center sections and end up making mistakes (been there, done that). One ...
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Popup that suggests commenting after new contributors' post edit

After performing some actions on a PSE post, a message pops up suggesting to do something else with the same post. Here are two examples: after downvoting a post the suggestion is to add a comment to ...
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Let's write a proper "Read Me First"

Our site has a lot of rules. One might even say, an awful lot. It would be a very good idea to list the most relevant of them in one place somewhere (the tour seems like a decent option) so that we ...
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2 answers

How about a private sandbox?

Update: @Doorknob made some important points and I agree with him. There need not be a limit on the number of users per box. Also, the criterion for helping new users doesn't necessarily have to be 4k ...
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Encourage newcomers to be active

Have you noticed what makes this site different? Its purpose is to be entertaining. Most Stack Exchange sites are for education and studies, or solving work/school problems. Participation differs ...
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New Users Posting Bad Questions!

In the past 24 hours 4 new users joined and posted a terrible first question. One of them even received an upvote. Since they are new users, downvotes do nothing to their rep. Their rep stays at 1, ...
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