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Taking chunks from a source and letting no one know about it as you pass it off as your own.

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Ongoing not-exactly-contests

We already have a policy on questions from ongoing competitions. This meta question is about them; its accepted answer proposes borrowing the policy used on math.SE, which basically says that if a ...
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Plagiarism if it's my own creation?

If I create a rebus or pictogram & post it here, does it then "belong" to this site, i.e. would it be OK if I posted it at another site?
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Is it acceptable to post a puzzle from another source and edit in attribution only once it's solved?

Let's imagine the following rather common scenario: I find, on another site (not PSE), a fun puzzle and its solution the puzzle and solution are clearly linked, so there's no way to link to one but ...
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What's the policy on puzzles *paraphrased* from other sites?

I've looked at Is it acceptable to copy and paste questions from other sites? and A policy on plagiarism, and I'm aware that puzzles which are directly copy-pasted from other sites or sources without ...
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When can I post puzzles here that are not mine?

I found a nice puzzle somewhere. Can I post it here? If so, under what conditions?
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How not to be a spammer (redux)

A number of community members have recently been launching puzzle sites of their own. This is something I'm actually personally proud of - that Puzzling might be an inspiration for original content ...
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Avoiding Plagiarism and Spam [duplicate]

So, some recent discussion has raised a question in my mind, and just plain in general. A buddy of mine and I are thinking of starting up a small site for puzzles. He doesn't particularily enjoy ...
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Is it acceptable to use an existing puzzle if I change the wording?

Is it alright if I use a question that has multiple existing forms and reword it? For example, if I found: "What is the purpose of life?" on the Internet, and it had been used before on the ...
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A policy on plagiarism

A few of you may be wondering why nineteen questions just disappeared from the site. This meta post is meant to explain what just happened, and set a goal for how to handle similar situations in the ...
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Is it acceptable to copy and paste questions from other sites?

Is it ok to ask questions that are a copy paste from other sites. As an example, this question came from this page. Not even the title is modified. Is this acceptable behaviour or is it to be ...
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