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Questions may be protected by users with 15,000 reputation or by diamond moderators. Protected questions can only be answered by users with at least 10 reputation.

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I just joined Puzzling, but can't post an answer

I saw a question that I wanted to post an answer to, so I joined Puzzling. My reputation on other sites allowed me to immediately get the +100 bonus... which should allow me to answer the question. ...
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Can't post on a protected question with 101 reputation [duplicate]

I'm trying to post an answer to this question. I have 101 reputation (with the bonus for being trusted on other SO sites), but it is still telling me that I can't answer it because it's protected, ...
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Have 101 rep, can't answer protected question that requires 10 rep [duplicate]

It is either a glitch or a wording glitch, but I can't answer protected questions that say they only require 10 rep
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Why do you gain access to moderator tools before marking a question as protected?

4,000 trusted user Expanded editing, deletion and undeletion privileges 3,500 protect questions Mark questions as protected 2,000 access to moderator tools Access reports, delete questions, review ...
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Why can't I answer this protected question even with my bonus network rep?

I can't answer this question: Is the Glass Half Full with water? There is this message in place of the answer box: Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality ...
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