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2 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to search for "easy" puzzles

We have a weekly lunch-and-learn / culture building type meeting in which we always start off with a puzzle to get people engaged. The puzzles we present are relatively simple, like the one with fox ...
14 votes
1 answer

When should the knowledge tag be used?

(Kinda) related Puzzles/Puzzle Clues Related to Narrow/Restrictive Topics like Video Games Lately, for me, there are a lot of puzzles and riddles which involve a certain amount of knowledge in order ...
10 votes
2 answers

How hard is too hard?

I want to develop a difficult--but also fun and memorable--puzzle, but I'm not sure how hard is too hard. I don't want to post it and everyone just think it's "confusing." You know, Einstein once said ...
6 votes
3 answers

How can I find questions based on their difficulty?

I had an mobile app that had hundreds of riddles. Sadly I've used up all the riddles on the app so I was at first really excited to join Puzzling.SE because I thought I could find some fun riddles. At ...
15 votes
3 answers

Posting famous unsolved puzzles

I recently came across this question. It presents a conundrum that it claims to be as-of-yet unsolved by anyone. Several people did a lot of work and research, and managed to come up with a ...
9 votes
2 answers

Is it ok to post simple puzzles?

I am new here to the site, and I really love it. The puzzles are entertaining and funny, and I would like to participate, but I noticed some of you are really smart and expert. However for other ...