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The reputation is a measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

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What is "Serial Voting" & why was it selectively reversed?

Some time ago, I was editing my puzzle and suddenly saw the vote count move up. By the time I competed the edit, the vote count was back, which surprised me enough to accidentally not commit my edit. ...
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When do you get a "User was removed" message in your reputation tab, accompanied by a -2?

I'm asking about when you get a User was removed message in your reputation tab, accompanied by a -2. Besides the case where the user upvoted a few and downvoted many posts, is there any other ...
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I reached 200 reputation on puzzling, and received the association bonus on that site. Why?

When I reached the two hundred reputation (on puzzling) required to get the association bonus, I received it on chess, stackoverflow, and arquade like I expected. Unlike I expected, I also got it here....
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How does this happen? User with more rep gained than total rep

I just happened to look at the leaderboards today as I was bored, but I noticed this strange happening... How does a user have more rep gained for the timeframe than total rep?
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Sharing and rewarding what went into making a good puzzle

I'd like to put forth an idea which I think could simultaneously address two heavily discussed topics on Puzzling.SE:- Adding more content about puzzle creation itself (in addition to being a ...
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What is the association bonus?

I just got 100 rep added to all of my Stack Exchange sites. Does anyone know why this happened? What does it mean? Is it common? Does everyone get it? I am not sure. (P.S. I know that this isn't ...
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What happened to my reputation (points)?

I have some browser tabs that have been open for several days.  A few of them show my reputation as either 2221 or 2231.*  My rep is currently 2165, for a drop of 66 from the high-water mark.  My # of ...
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Can we get +10 reputation for upvotes on questions?

It used to be, a long, long time ago, that asking a question awarded +10 reputation. After some deliberation, this was changed to +5 reputation network-wide. The reasons at the time for this change ...
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Unintentional misuse of a sock puppet account

Storytime: I joined your wonderful community, and immediately posted a riddle about The Beatles. Then I posted another one about The Beatles, and then one about David Bowie. The Bowie riddle was ...
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Bug with the rep-cap

Today I hit the repcap with 200 rep (in fact I got a few null upvotes after that, so that I 'should' have been on 230 rep). Then somebody undid their upvote on one of my answers1, putting me down to ...
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Have 101 rep, can't answer protected question that requires 10 rep [duplicate]

It is either a glitch or a wording glitch, but I can't answer protected questions that say they only require 10 rep
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