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Is there a font/format I can use to keep the size of each character equal when posting riddles?

When I write rhyming riddles, I make it a challenge for me to use the exact same amount of characters in each line. When that happens, congrats to me! But the rendered output doesn't show my effort. ...
9 votes
2 answers

How to make a riddle tricky without too many clues to make it easy but enough to avoid "too broad"?

I'm so read the specific requirements and a meta post about the requirements for riddles. I felt my question fit the requirements but some comments have highlighted some grey areas - I wonder if that'...
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1 answer

Is this a different type of riddle, or not really a riddle at all?

In working on some riddle-rhymes, I had instances of bits of doggerel pop into my head. I found myself thinking, "pity I have no real answer for that. It sounds kind of cool. Very euphonious." But ...
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5 votes
2 answers

When should riddles be considered duplicates?

Many questions here on PSE are in the form of a straightforward riddle. I'm not talking about more complex puzzles which have a riddle element as well as many other parts to them, but just about ...
20 votes
2 answers

What should we do about "riddles" that are pure trivia?

I've seen several examples of "riddles" recently that are pure trivia: I am known for believing my Teddy is real I am a genius. Find out who am I The first time I was seen was for Christmas - Who ...
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Should we downvote/delete riddle answers that don't match every line of the riddle?

Consider the following riddle (as an example): I am (usually) green on top, and brown on the bottom. People always break me before they start to use me. 8 is my most important number ...
4 votes
2 answers

If a question is copied from another location, but it is not plagiarised, how do I have to treat all answers?

I found this math question: How to make 21?. I wanted to answer, but I found out that a copy of this riddle was on another question site, precisely here. Apart from any wonder of plagiarism, If I ...