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This tag is for questions about suspected user spam, the spam flag or combating spam as a community.

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User names with promotion/spam in them

To my knowledge, questions and answers that contain spam and promotional materials, such as to sell something or advertsting, are forbidden. But what if someone has a username like ? ...
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3 answers

Should we have a new delete reason for posts removed due to a ban-evasion?

Relating to: Post locked - Why? It seems like we should have a new question delete reason so that people know when a post was deleted due to a user evading a ban or suspension, rather than an issue ...
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Post locked - Why? Why was this post just locked and deleted? It is a valid puzzle that some of us are looking at. Is it because someone took a glance at it ...
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On what frequency can we post without spamming?

I like making riddles, image puzzles, cryptos etc about songs and musics, and I would like to share them. But since i'm a reasonnable person, I don't want to spam with a lot of questions. here is my ...
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46 votes
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One Weird Trick All Spammers Hate

Puzzling.SE hasn't really seen much spam in the past, but we've had just a bit of it recently. Since it hasn't come up before, the question of what to do about it hasn't come up either. Using This ...
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18 votes
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How not to be a spammer (redux)

A number of community members have recently been launching puzzle sites of their own. This is something I'm actually personally proud of - that Puzzling might be an inspiration for original content ...
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