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If a question asks about how to improve a puzzle, is an answer which only solves the puzzle acceptable?

The answer in question The question asks, in short, "How can I improve the wording of this puzzle?". Most of the answers address this question by providing wording suggestions. This is on-...
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Posting a partial answer [duplicate]

I was working on this puzzle which has 10 clues leading to a single final answer: A puzzle with 10 pieces - 2 days to complete Over a day had passed with no activity so I posted an "answer" which ...
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Why was my answer severely downvoted?

I posted this answer and it did okay at first, but later, it started to get a whole bunch of downvotes! This is now deleted so only certain viewers will be able to see it but what did I do wrong here? ...
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Why was this post deleted?

I'm asking this question mostly out of curiosity. I'm not questioning anyone's authority. This answer to one of my questions was deleted (sorry if not everyone can see it. The mods can and this ...
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I would like to know why my answer got deleted

My answer to the question Humff. What am I? got deleted. From the help centre: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are: ...
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New, duplicate answer posted for 5-month old question [duplicate]

This is an answer posted by a new user for a 5-month old question: Find the missing number in the series: 253, 495, 143,? I see multiple issues with it: It's not formatted properly Almost an exact ...
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What to keep in mind while answering puzzle?

Recently I answered a question. What was wrong with my answer? All clues fitted in but it still got downvotes. I know that the answer was a shocking one but it didn't really came to my mind just after ...
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Comments deleted without explanation

Recently the comments on my answer was deleted without any remarks, I'm not even sure whether it's automatically deleted or whether some mods deleted it. In my understanding, mods usually put some ...
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1 answer

Why was I downvoted for a correct, well-explained answer?

I'm new here and learning the ropes, so if I'm missing something, please let me know. I want to know why my answer to this question was downvoted despite the fact that it was correct and I had ...
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Is a spoiler-markup-only edit to this answer acceptable?

I saw this answer: I was going to edit it to add spoiler markup only (since it's short, readable, and hard to avoid reading), but I searched meta first ...
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Why did my answer get deleted?

I posted an answer on a question and it got deleted. I would like to know who did it and what was wrong with my answer? The answer was @Bulldogg6404 said that C is the only valid conclusion. Well,...
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