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1 answer

Vote limit doesn't apply to comments

Earlier today I hit the 40-vote mark after going on a voting spree (I'd already gotten Vox Populi once). But I noticed that I could still vote on comments. How to reproduce: Vote the max 40 times in ...
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1 answer

Accepted Answer Placement?

Why does the placement of the accepted answer come below other answers with more votes? For all the other SE communities I'm in, the accepted answer always comes first if I am on the "sort by ...
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2 answers

Spoiler tag bug [duplicate] There is not much to this question - I went to edit a post on puzzling to fix a spoiler tag assuming the user messed it up. But to my surprise it ...
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1 answer

sphinx about has misspelled word I'm a bot, constantly posing puzzles in my Lair. posing => posting?
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Can't post on a protected question with 101 reputation [duplicate]

I'm trying to post an answer to this question. I have 101 reputation (with the bonus for being trusted on other SO sites), but it is still telling me that I can't answer it because it's protected, ...
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1 answer

Logo seen on website is different than StackExchange bar logo

I noticed that this logo that is seen in the StackExchange site bar (and the favicon): is different from the big one seen on the site: The difference is that there are no borders, less pale colors, ...
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1 answer

Bug in delete vote count

I just clicked the 'delete' button on a post that already had 2 votes to delete. A notification box popped up saying: Vote to delete this post? (21 votes remaining) I clicked on 'OK' and the post ...
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1 answer

Just out of curiosity: Since when did answered questions come in the unanswered tab?

Is this a bug? Or are my eyes fooling me? P.S. For those who didn't notice, an answered question is in the unanswered tab.
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1 answer

Why can't I answer this protected question even with my bonus network rep?

I can't answer this question: Is the Glass Half Full with water? There is this message in place of the answer box: Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality ...
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