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Can't click to see spoiler tags [closed]

I have cleared cookies, logged out and back in, and disabled ublock origin. I have no other add-ons. Running latest version of Firefox. It works in chrome and edge with ublock running. Driving me ...
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1 answer

How do i edit a post

I have not been here for a while, so i am unsure if it is just something that is happening in the past couple of hours or what. But i am unable to edit the post. I get "Page not found" when i click on ...
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14 answers

Should we ban Deusovi from puzzle-solving?

Ah, what a day, sprinkled with joy and sorrow at the same time! I just got up and online just to find that the master of puzzles has finally returned to the scene with some new and fresh input (here). ...
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Tag names showing in spoilers [closed]

I have added a hint to my puzzle, and I wanted to cite the tags used to tag the puzzle. Of course, the hint had to be spoilerised. However, when I posted, it displayed like this (scroll down to see ...
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