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What is allowable or desirable in question titles.

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Would we want to allow ... or spaces before question marks at the end of titles?

As a question-quality measure, Stack Exchange automatically rewrites question titles which end with punctuation, following a couple of rules: Multiple ? collapsed into one Multiple . collapsed into ...
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Do we want extended spoiler functionality?

Overview Our community utilizes spoiler functionality very heavily. However, it's lacking in obvious areas such as comments, chat and titles. [1] In a post, it's easy to use a spoiler by appending an ...
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9 votes
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Are emojis, fonts, etc. allowed in post titles here on PSE?

It has been pretty clear on other sites that eye-catching pixels, like emojis and arbitrary fonts, shouldn't be placed in a post title, and if they were encountered in the title of a post, they should ...
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overloaded question title

Look at the related section from this question: The next number in sequence That's a lot of very similar titles, and I don't think there can be many left. This issue needs addressing, one solution ...
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Distinctive titles for Only Connect walls?

I like the Only Connect walls, but if they're all called variations on 'An Only Connect Wall' then it's difficult to distinguish them from one another. Thoughts about ways of choosing distinctive ...
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Should we edit "Who/What am I" questions?

Many questions asked on PSE contain "Who am I" or "What am I" in their titles. Most of the time, it also contains something else, to avoid duplicated titles. But I was wondering if we could replace it ...
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What am I? Riddle [closed]

So this is the title for a lot of riddles- And, you have no idea what you're getting into when you read that title. So we need a ...
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Adding distinctiveness to titles

So occasionally I go through some recently added puzzle questions (from other users) and try to add distinctiveness to the titles, if they need it - for a post with a title that doesn't really ...
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Informative titles for rebus puzzles

There have been a lot of rebus puzzles that have come up over the past 1-2 weeks. All of them have titles such as '10 one-liners', 'Another rebus', 'My 3rd rebus' and so on, which mention nothing but ...
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Non-descriptive titles

So, when this question started appearing on other stack exchange sites through the hot network question feature, I submitted an edit for review to change the title “◳◰ ◓◨ ◨◧◕ ◎◌ ◱◯◱◯ ◍◌○ ◉◉ ◇◔◓◕ ◐►◓◒ ◒...
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Titling Overhaul

Seriously, I think this has gotten out of hand. Titles should clearly inform the user what the question is. Simply titling your question as "Ooh, spooky riddle", or "Riddle, Part 2", or "Riddle, the ...
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Can we please edit [very hard], [difficult], and (easy) out of titles?

I'm pretty new to Puzzling, but I've looked over a few meta posts about "difficulty". We don't have tags for difficulty ratings, and we don't seem to need a star/rating system IMO. Yet people label ...
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