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Unanswered questions are those questions which have no up-voted or accepted answers.

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How to deal with old unanswered puzzles?

I have a puzzle that was posted back on June 22nd of this year. The first partial answer was posted a day later (6/23), and was last edited the day after that (6/24). The last comment on that answer ...
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What happens with the questions with no accepted answer?

There are many questions in PSE with a few answers (or sometimes no answers at all) which do not yet have any accepted answer with tick mark even though many weeks or months have passed. Shouldn't the ...
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Change "unanswered" search to "unsolved"

I generally use the filter hasaccepted:false, and think others do too. (Try it with this link.) The clickable searches include ...
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Introduce a check-box for partial answers

A lot of puzzles end up getting quite a few partial answers, hints, etc. before the actual puzzle is solved. If this is unhelpful, it eventually gets down-voted. However, often this content is, in ...
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Just out of curiosity: Since when did answered questions come in the unanswered tab?

Is this a bug? Or are my eyes fooling me? P.S. For those who didn't notice, an answered question is in the unanswered tab.
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Let's take a look at our Unanswered Questions list!

I know we're just at the start of public beta, but unanswered questions are always a good thing to keep an eye on :) Right now there are only 9 questions on our Unanswered list; that's a manageable ...
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