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Peer voting on questions and answers gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted to the top.

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Badge "Vox Populi" is improperly described

The "Vox Populi" badge is improperly described. It should say "question and answer votes" instead of just "votes", since comment votes are not counted towards the Vox Populi badge. "Use the maximum ...
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Vote limit doesn't apply to comments

Earlier today I hit the 40-vote mark after going on a voting spree (I'd already gotten Vox Populi once). But I noticed that I could still vote on comments. How to reproduce: Vote the max 40 times in ...
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Is "privileged information" confidential?

I'm asking specifically about $2$ privileges right now 750 rep - View vote counts 5k rep - View site analysis data For the 5k privilege, it explicitly states that you are discouraged from sharing ...
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Bug with the rep-cap

Today I hit the repcap with 200 rep (in fact I got a few null upvotes after that, so that I 'should' have been on 230 rep). Then somebody undid their upvote on one of my answers1, putting me down to ...
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Voting on surface appearance

I see a concerning trend where puzzles get upvoted and downvoted on first impressions before any solution attempt is posted. And, if a solution is posted that makes the votes seem unwarranted, there's ...
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