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Best answer: what does it mean?

I've recently answered this question and noticed a weird situation.
The author of the puzzle had in his mind a solution, which happened to be very similar to my answer. Though, he decided to assign the "Best answer" to another solution, simpler and easier to understand, but completely different from the author's solution. Now I ask:
What makes a solution the best?
Apparently, there are only $3$ valid answers to my question:

  • The answer that the author had in his mind.
  • The most original, simple and creative answer, even if different from author's solution.
  • The puzzle was too broad, so any answer is valid as another.

Any answer of these has consequences: if it's what the author was thinking of, then Nit accepted the wrong answer as best; if it's the most original answer, then this would be a serious issue for riddles and "what am I?" puzzles, since all the answers are usually very creative and varied; if the puzzle was too broad, it should have been closed instead of protected!
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