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status-completed Another detail: Is the "upvote" in red not a tiny bit to "aggressive" ? In particular in combination with the accept-check it looks a bit odd to me: I guess, I'd prefer something a bit down-tuned, either in grey or blue. BTW, I'm sorry I've missed the original email a month ago.


Whilst I quite like the current logo, I think there's plenty of opportunity to keep the spirit of it, and still avoid the overlap with the Workplace logo... With that in mind I've mocked up a few alternatives: The first keeps the "lock icon + impossible geometry" motif of the original design, but switches it to a more classic triangular shape. The second ...


Firstly, looks awesome. Seriously. One very minor thing though (as mentioned in comments), I think the Puzzling title needs to drop down by a few pixels to align more with the "logical" centre of the logo. I also think it could do with a little more breathing room between the logo and the title in the header. Both changes shown here: Other minor thing I ...


I really like the design graphics and colors. I do have some concerns about using the keys for badges - keys usually have something to do with security rather than "unlocking" a puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle pieces, I think, would be a much better badge indicator as it's more intuitive to puzzling and less likely to be confused with some other type of site (lock-...


I only have one problem - In the Hot Network Questions, this logo is hard to distinguish at first glance from the Workplace logo. Perhaps the classic impossible triangle?


I prefer the key. (I just want to get this off my chest, and this seemed like the most appropriate place to post it.) This site has little or nothing to do with jigsaw puzzles. Yes, they both are described by the word "puzzle," but that actually is an argument against using the puzzle piece. When I see the word "Puzzling" next to a key icon, I think of ...


Thank you! I'm sure we can agree that it looks amazing!


Minor suggestion (or question): I think the design would lool slightly better if the icon would use all four primary colors instead of just red/green/yellow, in particular the minaturized icon. I've made a rought mock-up (not aliased correctly, and you might want to adjust the exact color values as well) to give an idea: (right is current display, left is ...


An idea just occurred to me... I'm not sure if it's good or not, but I'll float it here and let the community decide via votes. Background: There has recently been discussion about if/how to handle spoilers in comments on Puzzling.SE. The issue is fairly specific to PSE, so doesn't warrant stackexchange-wide code changes, but would still arguably hold ...


This is a minor change, but those little badges-puzzles-pieces, they are much better than keys, but I would rotate them, otherwise they look exactly like Apple logo.


There should have been an "I'm Done" option that's normally greyed out until you take an action. Here's the same dialog box from Stack Overflow: I suspect the "I'm Done" button is invisible in your screenshot because of the recently added design. So I'll check with Stéphane on that. It turns out you flagged the answer as "Not an answer" right after it was ...


status-completed Similarly to EKons' answer, these buttons look like bad actions (like Ignore a tag or Block the newspaper perhaps) - could we make these more friendly?


I appreciate the choice of the jigsaw puzzle piece instead of the keys initially used, but I would have preferred something similar to this, as someone suggested: The actual graphic too much resembles a "bitten apple", or something like that...


Some impossible geometry might be nice, it's pretty and makes the user "puzzle" over it (also draws attention). Plus stuff like this looks like it's dying to be made into a logo.


My suggestion would be to include an actual puzzle in the design somewhere. It doesn't have to be an insanely hard Kryptos style mystery for the ages, but it would be nice to have a hidden or encrypted message to find. Ps. Apologies if there already is one and I just haven't put the effort into solving it!


Wishful text-style thinking. When this site is on the operating table, any chance for: •  A font with clearer distinctions between letters? •  Cleaner format settings for itemized lists? •  Font compatibility with MathJax? This could also solve font clarity problems.      Worked fairly ...


In the Area 51 Launched Proposals section, the new icon is not fit with the placeholder, a minor top part of the icon is truncated.


Very minor one, but on a slightly sluggish connection, the title logo flashes red before the image appears because the alt text ("Puzzling") is not the same colour as the logo text. The offending CSS (logo text is #2d4254): .site-header .site-header--link { color: #ff554f; } The font size is also different, but that's less of an issue.


Looks like Lisa has updated this color for you! YAY! I hope that the darker shade makes it easier to distinguish - and based on the comments, it sounds like it is. Accessibility is important to us so please let us know if you have any other situations like this that are caused by color choices. You can do that by asking a question on meta just like this one!...


status-completed Better now, I think. (Jon) Is this a deleted account? Psst, it's not. This is essentially the same thing, over Academia.SE. This red tint is confusing and distracting, the contrast is too high. Just like how this issue was solved there, I suggest making the background of the question asker blue instead.


I've also suffered from this confusion the last few days, despite being certain I wouldn't when I first saw the new icon. Seeing the two icons next to each other in this meta question shows that they look quite similar, but they are easily distinguished when they are adjacent. The problem comes when only one or other appears without the other adjacent to it. ...


I have to say, I am stoked like the most powerful fire- stroked like the most purri-full cat!- to see that Puzzling is ascending in the ranks, and also that so much thought has been put towards fully representing the site in its imminent design. But... Since I sympathize with manshu's need for a question mark and concur with Ivo Beckers' comments on ...


Puzzling has its own provisional logo — the ?? icon. The rest will come when (if) the site graduates. CraftCMS is one of the very few beta sites with color in its provisional logo; normally the logo uses the beta colors. Puzzling is one of the few sites where the provisional logo is not the initials of the site. The “7 essential meta questions of every beta”...


Sorry, but it's still bothering me. I don't like the logo. It doesn't speak puzzling, or riddles, or mystery, or problem-solving, or anything Puzzling.SE to me, and the colors don't really help either. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to contribute towards an alternative. I really, really do appreciate the time, effort, and thought you've put into it&...


Puzzling Meta icon should say "meta".


Something I would like to point out: On the side bar hot questions you get the proper icon for Puzzling questions, but when you go to Stack Exchange hot questions page ( the icon for Puzzling questions is still the blue thought bubble with ?? instead of the new logo


Presumably because of this highly-voted response (40 upvotes) to the original graduation/design announcement on meta: I do have some concerns about using the keys for badges - keys usually have something to do with security rather than "unlocking" a puzzle. Jigsaw puzzle pieces, I think, would be a much better badge indicator as it's more ...


It might be because of the limitation of the size of our monitor. However as I am not an expert, so I am not sure but when you zoom in the window you get this: Here clearly, we can see the borders and the same colors.


This is fixed on the server and is just waiting on various levels of cache expiration.

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