I'm proposing we do a major clean-up of this tag. This will require a lot of work - there are 147 questions! - and that's probably why it didn't happen before. But these puzzles are causing harm by continually accruing answers, the exact reason they were declared off-topic in the first place. (Also, the fact that no clean-up happened irks my sense of wanting ...


Guidance from meta.se says close them. I refer you to this question: I think we can all agree that by Today's standards this question would be closed (with a couple of valid reasons to choose from). However, things were different back then - well from what I can gather, I see quite a few questions like this from back in the day. This kind of question was ...


The community here doesn't seem to think this is a good idea (see the comments on my question). I eventually found a home for one of the ideas I mentioned on the gaming meta.


I have a puzzle, but I'm not sure if it's too similar to some of the existing puzzles on the site. I'd like feedback on whether or not this is too similar. Other feedback is welcome, of course. Here's the puzzle: The intended answer: Similar existing puzzles:

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