2019-07-04: still at 34 tags, 128 questions to go. Progress rate was 6 questions in 7 days. 2019-07-26: still at 34 tags, 94 questions to go. Progress rate was 34 questions in 22 days. Down to double digits! 2019-08-19: We've hit 35 tags! Well done, number-theory! 81 questions to go. Progress rate was 13 questions in 24 days. (The other tags need to step ...


The tags that are 'up for it' are: sudoku 199 situation 182 password 178 crosswords 169 Note that only one more tag needs to make it to 200 for the Generalist badge to become available.


All user-generated content on Stack Exchange is licensed under Creative Commons with attribution required. So as long as you follow the attribution rules there, yes, you should be perfectly fine.


Stack Exchange used to create a Twitter account for every site, but they stopped several years ago, as it was a hassle and was practically useless. According to Adam Lear (developer, former Community Manager at SE) on Meta.SE: Not all sites have Twitter accounts. We stopped creating them for all public beta sites by default because a) Twitter sees very ...


As far as I can tell, the image augments the description of the puzzle and could easily be removed. That's not to say the image should be removed, but just that the post won't be harmed much if it were. Stack Exchange sites have a clear process for handling copyright violations as explained in point 16 of the Terms of Service. Neither the moderators nor any ...

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