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Stack Exchange now has table support Markdown-based tables are preferable in vast majority of situations where tables are required. To demonstrate why, I'll make a table. Feature Markdown MathJax Table looks like a table to visual-based users Yes Yes Screen readers can, in general, read the table* Yes No Spreadsheet-friendly (Can you copy-paste?) Yes No ...


Caching. Chat profiles aren't synced immediately with your network account; it automatically refreshes every couple hours or so (or when a moderator force-refreshes your chat profile). Especially for the initial 20 reputation to allow you to chat, it's going to take a bit of time for chat to catch up to the main site.


There was a recent widespread serial voting correction. (Perhaps there have been multiple waves. I am not privy to details.) See a main-meta report and more explanation. Likely, someone had a script which automatically upvoted 40 random posts in a day to get a badge. Since this is not allowed it was all reversed. You must've had one post that got swept up.


Why do we care about attribution? Very simply, we don’t want to host plagiarism on the site. Any puzzle which you yourself did not make must be properly attributed. (Attribution of “I made this puzzle” is of course permitted.) We enforce this policy with a site-specific close reason, used whenever the sourcing information is not within our standards. There ...


It seems that this particular situation has bothered you somewhat. If I understand it, you want to explain your side (including your reason for the accepted answer) clearly. You can do this in comments or edit it in the text. I have seen both on this site. Of course if you chose to edit it in the text you will have to give the context and reasoning. I, ...


We at least don't have such a tag right now. (Speaking as someone who's read through all our tags repeatedly). However, knowledge works for any sort of specific knowledge required. I would urge you to be careful when referencing specific users. Please, please get permission first. Also, be aware that users change. Activity goes up and down, profile pictures ...


No, you can't. This site is for questions about Puzzling Stack Exchange, not for puzzles themselves. If you're question-banned on the main site, we (or the moderators) can't even migrate it to where it belongs. You'll have to wait until you're out of your question ban until you can post the puzzle.


As far as I can tell from browsing Arqade meta questions with the word "puzzle", they only allow gaming-related puzzle questions if the puzzles are a part of the game. (E.g. when there's a puzzle-solving minigame) So, probably best to not post there. We, on the other hand, are perfectly fine with puzzles relating to... basically anything. It's the ...


Queens on a chess board The below pygame program allows the user to place any number of queens on a chess board, and visualize what arrangement of queens will threaten which squares of the chess board. Here is how it goes (source of arrangements used in the gif here): The code: import pygame pygame.init() wn = pygame.display.set_mode((600, 600)) class ...

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