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We don't make you sign an NDA when you hit those privilege levels. They are intended as privileges, not burdens. If you feel like sharing vote splits, you may. But if you don't want to, that's ok too. The primary reason vote splits are restricted is performance. I added the request to not share the analytics data because I think it preserves the value of ...


In general, an unadorned reference to "votes" means question and answer votes. The high prominence in importance to the site of up-voting and down-voting posts means this type of voting is almost always what someone means when they refer to voting here. When comment votes are meant, or voting in a moderator election for that matter, the distinction is either ...


I agree, and I think it would be helpful if one were able to change one's vote on a question without the question having been edited. Because sometimes it turns out that I haven't properly understood a puzzle until I see the answer.

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