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The many-eyes effect

I want to alert puzzle writers to a potential cognitive bias I'll call the many-eyes effect. Many people try to solve your puzzle, but only those who succeed post. It's tempting to imagine the posters ...
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One Weird Trick All Spammers Hate

Puzzling.SE hasn't really seen much spam in the past, but we've had just a bit of it recently. Since it hasn't come up before, the question of what to do about it hasn't come up either. Using This ...
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Thank you, Robert Cartaino

For those who don't know, the Director of Community Development at the Stack Exchange company, Mr Robert Cartaino, is no longer employed by Stack Exchange. Tributes are already flowing in on main meta ...
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List of bounties with no deadlines

This is a list of unofficial, deadline-less (hence not searchable) bounties offered by users on various challenges on the main site. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that the user will award the ...
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Thank you, GentlePurpleRain

On 29 March 2022, our own GentlePurpleRain received a Deputy badge which can only be awarded to non-moderators. Without speculating on why he stepped down (unless he wants to share his reasons), let's ...
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A brief guide to MathJax for PSE users

What is MathJax? It lets you include nicely-typeset mathematics in PSE questions, answers, and comments. The syntax is described below (with links to places where you can find more details). Two-...
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Best puzzles of 2018 Q3 (July - September)?

This question is part of the best-puzzle award series. What are your nominations for the best puzzles, here on Puzzling.SE, of the third quarter (July / August / September) 2018? Suggested ...
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An appeal from a newbie - in-jokes

I've recently joined this community and discovered an interest in puzzles that I didn't know I had. The atmosphere and camaraderie are great. The only problem for me is detecting in-jokes. Example ...
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Enough "22+4" questions. The originality is lost

There has been a recent spate of related "22+4" questions that can all be answered by using different cyclic numbering systems. The OP's always say "use base 10," perhaps not realizing that that ...
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2019: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, ...
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Top (New) Users of PSE, by year

Every year, the users of Puzzling Stack Exchange can be ranked by their reputation earned in that year. Every year, someone (usually one of the established users) takes the top spot in the yearly ...
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Proposed policy on mathematical questions

For background, see: Should mathematics questions really be on-topic here? (about "routine" mathematics questions) What tricky mathematical questions are on topic here? (about "heavy" mathematics ...
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State of meta.puzzling.SE rules

So, it was recently asked when a community consensus is reached. Additionally I have observed a lot of users having no overview at all of the current rules, so for the last few days I have been ...
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Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - how does this affect our [imgur-maze]s?

Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice Since 2010, Imgur has provided image hosting services to Stack Exchange, but that hosting contract with Imgur comes to ...
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Congratulations bobble for raising 1000 helpful flags!

If you're an active PSE user, you'll know that bobble is an active moderator (merely without a diamond). Just recently she reached 1000 helpful flags... which is quite a feat given her time on PSE (&...

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