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Posting famous unsolved puzzles
6 votes

I suggest that famous unsolved ciphers should only be posted if it is reasonable to expect a good answer from the Puzzling.se community. The same approach is taken on Math.se. I think that Puzzling....

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Community consensus on linked puzzles?
-3 votes

Wow. You have used such a broad definition of "linked puzzles" that the original issue is glossed over. Of course, I agree with 90% of your discussion. The only "linked issue" being addressed was the ...

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How can we optimize for pearls?
1 votes

Here is an answer that expands upon thoughts from both Emrakul and xnor. Set the bar for good puzzles higher by being more stringent with our votes This chart shows voting data for a number of ...

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Why choose this as accepted answer?
7 votes

To quote @JoeZ. "I'm sorry; this is a bad question given the answer you've accepted as correct". As the community cannot change the accepted answer, the question is as much of the issue as the answer ...

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A rise in low-quality questions (March 2015)
3 votes

I agree with your perspective. Without an analysis of the low-voted posts, I am guessing that two significant issues were a) questions from new users and b) Rebus puzzles. It seems that types of ...

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Deletion of correct answers?
4 votes

Personally I support the moderators' actions. There was strong support for the policy of deleting answers after the user was given an opportunity to add an explanation. Following this agreement, the ...

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